Can you get ELECTRIC BIKES in ECUADOR? YES! And the COST might SHOCK you! (ElectroBike Guayaquil)

Amelia and JP VLOG 232: During the pandemic, when the taxis and buses weren’t running, we were forced to walk 2 miles to Montañita to get cash from the ATM and groceries from Tía. That prompted a frequently asked question, “Can you buy e-Bikes in Ecuador and how much do they cost?”

In this video, we went to ElectroBike in the Urdesa neighborhood of Guayaquil to find the answer to this question and make a decision about buying one (or two) electric bikes. You can learn more on their website, but some of the info is out-of-date because they’ve been too busy to update it.

We also visited La Central Deli Shop in downtown Guayaquil for a delicious lunch. We were sitting in Mall del Sol enjoying a cerveza when Francisco stopped by to say how much he appreciated our videos showing the beauty of Ecuador.

And he invited us to visit his wife’s and sister-in-law’s restaurant for lunch if we had time during our visit. We really like that area of downtown Guayaquil by the Malecón so we were happy to have an excuse to go there again and we’re really glad we did! The food was delicious and the service was great! If you would like to learn more about them, check out their Instagram profile.

And finally, if you need a reliable and safe driver with a nice car in Guayaquil, we’ll be happy to connect you with Julio. He works for the Sheraton Hotel and he’s also an independent driver who can pick you up at the airport or anywhere in Guayaquil and drive you most places in Ecuador, including the coast, Manta, Machala and Cuenca. He charged us $30 to drive us around Guayaquil for the day, he waited while we filmed our video, and he even helped us with Spanish translations. Drop us a note through our contact form and we’ll send an email introduction.

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