Ecuador Day In The Life Videos

Scenic view of a coffee plantation in Panama with a mountain and blue sky in the background.

Living Among the Coffee Bushes near Boquete, Panamá

I lived a comfortable life in the United States, enjoying a cabin in the woods. I had a nice kitchen and good friends nearby.

Yet, in 2020, I grew concerned with the politics and cost of living and decided to look elsewhere for a new life. I took tours of Panamá and Mexico to explore going south.

I chose the Republic of Panamá because it required the shortest time to secure a Permanent Visa. Hurtling through the skies was brisk. Far from brisk was dealing with airports and QR scanning codes. I arrived intact but exhausted—I slept 11 hours the first night.

Yet, if you had told me I would be living in a yurt at 5,260 feet above sea level on a tropical mountainside among coffee bushes, I would have asked if you were crazy.

La Libertad Ecuador Malecon

La Libertad Ecuador Malecón, Mercado and More

We went to La Libertad Ecuador to take care of some banking tasks and while we were there, we took a walk on the Malecón, stopped by a mercado, and went shopping for groceries at Mi Comisariato in Ballenita.

Why We Chose Olón Ecuador (1)

Tiny Ecuador Beach Town of Las Núñez Ecuador + Penthouse AirBnB Tour (Mavic Mini Drone)

Join us as we share a drone and walking tour of Las Núñez, a tiny little beach town on Ecuador’s south central coast.

How We Got Pickpocketed on a Short Bus Ride in Ecuador!

How We Got Pickpocketed on a Short Bus Ride in Ecuador!

We were taking a short 50 cent bus ride from Olón to Montañita Ecuador when our pocket got picked and we lost an iPhone worth several hundred dollars.

Sunday in Olón Ecuador

Sunday in Olón Ecuador: Mercados, Walk Around Town + Sunset Beach Walk w/ Mini (2020)

This is our first day in the life video from Olón, our new pueblito on the coast of Ecuador. We go for a couple walks on the beach, show you the mercados, walk around town, and share the incredible sunset from our new drone.

Move from Cuenca to Olón Ecuador

The Universe Taught Us a Lesson on our Move from Cuenca to Olón Ecuador (2020)

Our move to Olón from Cuenca Ecuador is complete! We’re now officially beach dwellers on the south central coast of Ecuador!

Machala Ecuador to Apply for my Visa

Over the Desert and through the Jungle from Cuenca to Machala Ecuador to Apply for my Visa

We’re working with Maite Duran from GringoVisas to get our Permanent Residency Visa for Ecuador. She prefers going to the government office in Machala to file the visa applications so we made the trek from Cuenca to Machala Ecuador on Thursday to file our paperwork.

New Years Eve in Cuenca Ecuador

Laugh along w/ us as we celebrate New Years Eve in Cuenca Ecuador

We had such an AMAZING New Year’s Eve with our friends here in Cuenca Ecuador! The India crew was reunited with Paul, Patrick, Abin, Chinnu, Amelia and JP. Chinnu’s nephew Francis also made a brief appearance in the video. We celebrated the 2020 New Year by burning monigotes and partying with all our neighbors in Parque El Vergel.

Pase del Nino Viajero

Ecuador Holiday Traditions: Pase del Nino Viajero Christmas Eve Parade Cuenca Ecuador

We ventured down to El Centro in Cuenca Ecuador yesterday to watch the annual Christmas Eve Pase del Niño Viajero Parade (Passing of the Traveling Child). We had so much fun watching the dancing and seeing the colors!


The Art Behind Us from Cuenca Artist P. Maldonado

We’ve had a lot of comments about the art behind us in our new indoor filming location. This is the story about how we found it on a rainy day in Cuenca Ecuador. You’ll also get to see the Cuenca Artist, P. Maldonado, who created it.

Since it was a rainy day, we had to leave Lumi at home and film with my iPhone so the video and audio quality is not up to our usual standards. However, it did make for a nice Cloverfield style immersive experience. Several of our early videos were filmed in this style before we got Lumi. If you like this format, let us know and we may do more videos like this….