Echoes of Olón Ecuador: A Sunset Story

When Amelia and I lived in Olón, Ecuador, we often took evening strolls on the beach to watch the sunset over the ocean as the soothing sound of foamy white waves lapped the shore. The colors of the sky transitioned from yellow to orange to pink to purple.

Olon Ecuador BeachSunsets in Olón were a ritual for us, as well as other locals and tourists (when it wasn’t cloudy). We all gathered to watch in awe as the sun took its daily plunge into the ocean while families played soccer on the beach, their laughter filling the air.

Evenings were also a favorite time for the neighborhood dogs to join the rest of us on the beach. They chased birds, kids and each other, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Children built sandcastles and little red crabs scurried around digging holes as the waves filled them back in. It was a constant battle the little crabs were destined to lose.

We moved away from Olón almost two years ago, and while we probably won’t move back, we still miss the sunsets and our long walks on the beach.

Those sunsets will always hold a special place in our hearts. We may not be able to physically be there to watch them anymore, but the memories will stay with us forever.

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