THE NEW RETIREMENT: EARLIER & AWESOME! (Plus 3 Tips & The 5 Best Places to Retire)

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It seems like there is a battle raging between retiring early, delaying retirement and going back to work, but there doesn’t need to be.

With the right attitude, financial discipline and a sense of adventure, you can retire early and live a freedom lifestyle like we do.

In this video, we discuss the new definition of retirement that’s more realistic, attainable and fulfilling than the traditional definition of retirement that often leads to an early death.

We also share 3 key financial tips that is helping us reach our FIRE goals. These tips allowed us to pay off all our debt in 3 years and start saving a large percentage of our income.

Finally, we’ll discuss the 5 best countries to retire based on the World Population Review Index.

Here’s a good starting point and overview of the FIRE Movement

If you’re interested in starting a side hustle and starting your transition to the Unconventional Workforce, Fiverr is a great place to get some ideas…

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