Cuenca Recording Studio: MonoLab + Amelia’s Return to Cuenca (Episode 130)

After two weeks back in the States, Amelia returns to Cuenca Ecuador in this episode. But first, Chinnu guest stars as we learn about MonoLab, our very own Cuenca recording studio.

If you’d like us to put you in touch with Patrick at MonoLab, drop us a note through our Contact Form and we’ll send an email introduction. They don’t have a website or Facebook page yet.

If you’re interested in our Scrollodex with all of our English-speaking service providers in Cuenca Ecuador, click here…

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  1. Carol Cole
    Carol Cole says:

    Loved the series of clips, JP!! It was a whirlwind tour! Cuenca looks so clean and orderly. Loved the shots of the dogs especially….
    Monolab tour was really cool and I’m happy Chinnu could be with you. Good to see Amelia back!


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