Cuenca Expats Magazine Interview w/ Ed Lindquist

We had the great privilege of interviewing Ed Lindquist, Managing Partner of Cuenca Expats Magazine. He shared his knowledge and expertise of Cuenca’s expat population, as well as his experience starting a business in Cuenca Ecuador.

About Ed Lindquist

Ed Lindquist moved from the US and has been living in Cuenca, Ecuador for 6 years. He started Cuenca Expats Magazine with Maite Duran from GringoVisas over four years ago and has become a respected fixture in both the expat and Cuencano community.

With an extensive background in business, Ed is helping Cuencano entrepreneurs improve their marketing and promotion skills while helping connect Cuenca’s expat community.

About Cuenca Expats Magazine

Cuenca Expats Magazine is a monthly community magazine specifically for expats. Its goal is to introduce expats to each other, as well as help them connect with Cuencano businesses.

If you would like to download the last edition of the magazine, click here: You can also find the free magazine at several stores around Cuenca.

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Hola todos! Welcome to my author bio page! Let's see. Where to begin... I grew up in the country on a lake outside a small Kansas farm town. As soon as I could, I got the hell outta there! Since then, I've lived and/or worked in Kansas City, Washington D.C., Denver, San Francisco, and Ecuador. I started and sold a dotcom, wrote a book about it, started a YouTube channel, and now I write a lot. Amelia and I have embraced the Unconventional Life and we want to help you do it, too!

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  1. Jim Griffiths
    Jim Griffiths says:

    I am planning my retirement, and your efforts have convinced me that Cuenca is the best choice as a base. Thank you for that! I’m not a city person, but I would prefer to cluster in an established ex-pat community. Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for your efforts, and will stay in touch!


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