Cuenca Ecuador Rotary: Mercado de Artesanías Rotary (Episode 60)

While Amelia’s back in the States, I filmed the Cuenca Ecuador Rotary: Mercado de Artesanias Rotary. It’s usually just called “the rotary” by the gringos and it’s located at Vargas Machuca y Gaspar Sangurima just one block East of Mercado 9 de Octubre.

The Rotary is a great place to go shopping in Cuenca. It has lots of mostly indigenous vendors selling furniture, metalwork, hand-woven baskets, pottery, kitchen utensils, clothes, bags, rugs, souvenirs, etc. It’s a great place to find unique gifts for your loved ones, or obscure items for yourself.

We took Amelia’s sister and niece to the Rotary when they visited to buy an Ecuador bag like the one pictured above. They really enjoyed perusing all the merchandise and seeing the indigenous people in their traditional clothing.

We enjoy walking around this part of Cuenca because of the numerous plaza areas and excellent people watching opportunities. In addition to the Rotary, there’s a nice outdoor plaza by Mercado 9 de Octubre and a beautiful park in San Blas just a few blocks away from the Rotary. There are also lots of stores selling everything imaginable in this part of Cuenca.

One of our viewers from the other side of the world (Taiwan) requested a video on this outdoor marketplace and filming it was a good use of my alone time. If you would like us to film something in particular, please let us know. As long as it’s relevant to our audience, we’ll be happy to record it!

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