Cuenca Ecuador River Walk: Tarqui, Yanuncay, Tomebamba, Milchichig & Machángara (Episode 25)

Today, we decided to do a Cuenca Ecuador River Walk along the 5 rivers that run through the city: Tarqui, Yanuncay, Tomebamba, Milchichig & Machángara.

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Map

The Tarqui meets the Yanuncay not too far from our house so we started there. Then we walked along the Yanuncay to the point where it meets the Tomebamba, which is the main river that runs through the center of Cuenca.

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Agave Plant

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Yellow Tree

Then we ventured down to the Milchichig where it joins the Tomebamba. The Milchichig river is actually more of a stream and most people don’t refer to it as a river. However, on the day of this walk, we had had a lot of rain so it was unusually full.

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk New Bridge

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Graffiti

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Bridge

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Trees

After the Milchichig, we wandered down to where the Machangara river joins the Tomebamba, which is where we ate our lunch sitting on a log with the river behind us. It was cloudy for the entire walk and started to rain on our walk back home, but it was pretty warm.

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Flowering Bush

Our Cuenca Ecuador River Walk was a lot longer walk than we expected and we were exhausted by the time we got back home.

Cuenca Ecuador River Walk Health Stats

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