Cuenca Ecuador Periodontist – JP’s Gum Surgery

Amelia and JP VLOG 150: When we were in Amsterdam back in April, I bit down on a delicious bite of salad and chipped the whole back corner of my molar off down below the gumline. I had a toothache for half my time in Amsterdam and the remaining 3 weeks of our vacation through India and back home to Cuenca.

After returning home, Dr. Grace ( put a filling in the chip but she wasn’t sure it would hold due to its size, location and the angle of the chip. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold on the first or second attempt so she put in a temporary crown a couple weeks ago.

Today, I went to one of Dr. Grace’s trusted periodontists for a minor surgical procedure. Since the chip extends below the gumline, Dr. Grace wanted to remove a little bit of the gum so the permanent crown will cover the entire chip.

The periodontist gave me a shot of novocaine, then he removed the temporary crown, removed the small piece of my gum, put in a couple stitches and then replaced the temporary crown. The cost was $80, which includes my appointment next week to get the stitches removed.

In 3 weeks, I head back to Dr. Grace to get the permanent crown. We’ll let you know how much everything costs when it’s done, but prepare to be shocked.

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