Cuenca Ecuador Mattresses: Shopping at Muebles Vera Vázquez for a New Mattress (Episode 62)

Even though our rental house came with mattresses, they hurt our backs so we decided to look at some new Cuenca Ecuador mattresses.

Amelia still works for a company based in Denver, CO and she goes back for a week four times per year. Time goes very slowly while she’s gone and I’m always very happy when she returns!

After sleeping on comfortable beds at her parents’ house and in hotels for 11 nights, Amelia told me it was time to finally buy un colchón nuevo (a new mattress).

We were planning to go shopping the afternoon that she returned to Cuenca. However, after a long day of travel and an early morning flight Quito to Cuenca, she was too tired to go shopping so we went the next day.

Cuenca Ecuador Mattresses at Muebles Vera Vázquez

Cuenca Ecuador Mattresses Amelia at Muebles Vera Vázquez

My physical therapist, Karina, told us to buy a new mattress several months ago, but we kept putting it off. The mattress that came with our rental house is very old and not supportive, which we believe has been contributing to my back pain and Amelia’s hip pain. For some reason, though, we were intimidated to go shopping for new mattress here in Cuenca Ecuador.

Karina recommended we go to Muebles Vera Vázquez in the San Sebas part of town and look at mattresses from Chaide. She said that was a good Ecuadorian brand of mattress. We tried several and found one we liked.

The store is currently under massive construction, which is why it was so crowded and noisy. The store occupies six floors in an old building, and they’re in the process of doubling the size with an expansion. They said it would be completed in two months, but I find that very hard to believe. There was literally NO building next door. They had completely torn it down to the ground. If they finish rebuilding that in two months, I’ll be very impressed.

UPDATE: Our first night in our new bed was heavenly! It’s 100 times better than the old mattress. My back and Amelia’s hip already feel better!

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Video Transcript

Hey veggie lovers. I’m JP
with Amelia And JP.

Amelia is on an airplane.

Today is the big day. Amelia is
coming home.

A very early flight. She left Quito
at 6AM this morning.

So she should be here shortly.

Let’s patiently await
the arrival of Amelia.

[Upbeat Music]

[Calm Jazz Music]

>> JP: Do you have enough luggage?

>> Amelia: Very funny.

>> JP: I think you need some more luggage.

>> A: Shut-up.

Hi veggie lovers. I got back
from the US yesterday

and after sleeping on a nice mattress
for the last couple weeks,

JP and I decided the time is now and we
needed to get a new mattress.

We knew.. we’ve known for awhile that we
were in need of a new mattress,

but we kept putting it off and then
yesterday was going to be the day

but it wasn’t because we
were both too tired.


It’s so noisy today!

There’s a huge thunderstorm
going on right now.

So we’re hanging out
in the furniture store.

The good news is that we found
a mattress that we love.

[Calm Jazz Music]

>> JP: What?

>> A: This is king, yeah?


It’s hard to tell. It’s comfortable.

Do you wanna lay on it?

>> JP: Yeah.

>> A: Yeah. I kinda like it.

>> JP: What do you like about it?

>> A: It feels more supportive.

[Calm Jazz Music]

This one’s very comfortable.

This furniture store:
Muebles Vera Vázquez.

I keep wanting to say Vera Cruz.

It’s Vera Vázquez, was recommended by
JP’s physical therapist

and she recommended
the mattress brand, Chaide.

They carry several different models here
and we found one that we love.

It’s super comfortable.

The great news is that they’re going to
deliver it for us tomorrow morning.

It retails for $770 but we got
a cash discount

and therefore it was $690 with delivery.

Yay! And we only had to pay 50% up-front.

So we’ll pay the rest tomorrow
when it comes.

We’re gonna wait out the storm and then
we will head home.

It is raining WAY too hard to walk and for
SOME reason..

Hello! We’ve lived here for long enough
now we know to bring

all weather gear, but we didn’t.

We didn’t bring any umbrellas.

Oh well. [Laughing]

I forgot to mention when
we were in the store

that they are renovating right now.

They said that they should be done in
1 to 2 months

and they will double their retail space.

That is why all the furniture was crammed
in there really tightly.

That’s all we have for you today,
veggie lovers.

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to our YouTube Channel.

We do post new videos every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 2PM Eastern.

Ring that bell and you will get notified
about our next video.

We will see you soon.

[Blooper Beep]

That is why all the furniture was crammed
in there really tightly.

We had to do a little walkin..

little Tetris style. Not Tetris style.

Tetris style is the compacting.

You can cut that out.


Do you want me to start over?

>> JP: No. What would that be like?

>> A: I don’t know. A maze?
>> JP: Tightrope?

>> A: No. I don’t know.
It was a tight squeeze.