Cuenca Ecuador Gringo Saturday (Episode 135)

If you’re wondering what it’s like to live in Cuenca Ecuador, we share our typical gringo saturday with you in this video. It was a rainy, chilly day so we filmed Cloverfield style with my iPhone to protect my nice camera from the weather.

We visited Zatua Miski to meet our subscribers, Dave from Australia and Nina from Germany. They both moved here within the past week to teach English and German to Ecuadorians.

Nina Dave Amelia JP

We met Julio at Common Grounds in Gringolandia. It’s a popular gringo bar just west of El Centro on Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional. Julio was born in Ecuador and still has family here, but he is a US citizen from New Jersey and grew up in the States.

Julio Amelia JP

We went to Common Grounds to see Jerry Joe Holland play the blues. We were really impressed with his music, especially his guitar playing.

Jerry Joe Holland Amelia JP

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