Cuenca Ecuador Fitness: Aerial & Pole Fitness w/ Fit Alliance + Panda Cakes Cuenca & Doggie B-Day! (Episode 64)

On this Day In The Life, Fit Alliance held their open house at JungleGym so we got a firsthand look at Cuenca Ecuador Fitness. What a beautiful and fun way to exercise! We also talked to Paola from Panda Cakes Cuenca, had Thai food for lunch and went to a doggie birthday party!

Cuenca Ecuador Fitness with Fit Alliance

We were lucky enough to get special aerial and pole dance performances from two of the Fit Alliance instructors! Wow! What a fun way to burn calories!

Aerial Dance Cuenca

Of the two, aerial dance looked more difficult than pole dance. However, they cater to all levels so almost anyone can do some basic moves and work up from there.

Cuenca Ecuador Fitness Aerial Dance

Cuenca Ecuador Fitness Aerial Dance 2

Pole Dance Cuenca

Amelia did pole fitness for several years back in Denver, Colorado so she was really excited to see it here in Cuenca. She went to several classes and really enjoyed it. However, she prefers her Tribal Fusion belly dancing and there isn’t enough time in the week to do both. It was a tough decision, but she opted to stick with belly dancing for now. She may go back to pole dancing later.

Cuenca Ecuador Fitness Pole Dance

Aerial fitness and pole fitness are growing in popularity here in Cuenca. Fit Alliance offers classes for all levels so even if you’ve never done them before, you can still do this Cuenca Ecuador Fitness.

Panda Cakes Cuenca Ecuador

We also talked to Paola from Panda Cakes Cuenca who was selling delicious desserts and protein bars that she and Pietro make. Be sure to check them out if you’re in Cuenca. You can contact them on their Facebook page.

Panda Cakes Cuenca

A Pedir de Boca Cuenca Ecuador

After the Fit Alliance open house, we had a delicious lunch at A Pedir de Boca. We love their Thai Veggie Bowl with More Veggies!

A Pedir de Boca Thai Veggie Bowl

Maxi’s Doggie Birthday Party in Parque Paraíso

We started our day at a doggie birthday party for a tiny Chihuahua named Maxi who just turned 5 years old. Daisy was invited to the birthday party by Maxi’s mom, Jessica. She runs Maxi’s Pet Care and watches our girls when we’re out of town. Daisy had a BLAST at the party and slept the rest of the afternoon!

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