Cuenca Ecuador Day In the Life

On weekdays, we’re usually working out of the house, but on weekends we’re very busy out and about. We started off our Cuenca Ecuador Day In the Life with a walk to Mall del Río for the annual Viva Salud (Healthy Living) event. However, it was a lot different this year than last. Life in Ecuador is often like a box of chocolates…

After going to the mall, we walked back home and made some of our delicious Vegan Beet Brownies (you can find the recipe on our sister website, While the brownies were baking, Amelia practiced her new belly dancing routine. I sure am a lucky man to be with such an amazing, 50+ year old beautiful lady 🙂

Once the brownies were finished baking, we got dressed up and headed off to Fratello Vegan for some WFPB No-Oil Nachos and Pizza. Rene, the owner, told us he’s in the process of converting their whole menu to oil-free, but for now, we let him know ahead of time when we’re coming by sending him a message through their Facebook page so he can have an oil-free pizza ready for us.

On our way home after dinner, we swam upstream against one of Cuenca’s many races. There are lots of 5K’s and 10K’s throughout the year through different parts of the town.

We’re not sure what this race was, but most people were wearing the same shirts, some were singing, some were chanting and some were carrying signs, like the person wearing the costume of a very tall indigenous woman. The sign reads: “Women in decision making building a different world.” We could certainly use more of that…

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Vegan Beet Brownies Cooking Video on LottaVeg



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