Cuenca Days: Celebrating Cuenca’s Independence

This weekend is bustling with activity here in Cuenca Ecuador as we celebrate Cuenca Days 2018. Cuenca achieved its independence from Spain on November 3rd, 1820 and they pull out all the stops to celebrate Independence Day with art fairs, food festivals, parades, concerts and fireworks.

Doce de Abril, the main road along the Tomebamba River, is lined with tents this time of year. People from all over Ecuador come to sell art, crafts, plants, clothes, masks, hats, jewelry and more.

Cuenca Days 2018 Arte Sign

Cuenca Days 2018 Monster

We often see people from Amazonian tribes selling their handcrafted merchandise and medicinal herbs at the Cuenca festivals. It’s fascinating to see their facial tattoos and long beautiful hair. Ecuadorians in general have amazing hair, but the Amazonian people take it to a whole new level.

Cuenca Days 2018 Native Woman


Thousands of people descend on our little Andean mountain city this time every year, while many of the native Cuencanos head to the coast to escape the chaos. The streets, parks and restaurants are packed with people, and everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery, and the interesting people during Cuenca Days 2018 here in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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