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Amelia And JP Unconventionals

We’re Amelia And JP

And We Live an Unconventional Life!

Back in 2015, a near death experience and two major spinal surgeries made us seriously question the CONVENTIONAL life choices we had made. Almost dying has a way of doing that.

After a year of recovery, we sold everything we owned and moved to Ecuador with our two dogs to live a more UNconventional life outside the hamster wheel.

Now, we want to help YOU Embrace the Unconventional Life like we have!

The Unconventional Life eCourses

Ecuador Relocation eCourse

We designed this course to be consumed in small chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It covers every step in the process, from your decision to move to Ecuador, to living in your new home away from home.

Online Income eCourse

This course will help you FUND your unconventional life. It covers everything from learning new skills, to choosing realistic online income options, to getting your first client, to building multiple streams of income.