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Note: We sold out of the discount mentioned in the video.

This video shows a typical travel day for us. We usually eat breakfast and dinner at our Airbnb, and we eat lunch out at a restaurant. You can find traditional Ecuadorian almuerzos for $1.50 to $4.

When we’re at home, we only eat out once or twice per week (sometimes not at all) so our average food bill runs about $7 to $9 per day per person.

If you eat meat, that will increase your food bill because it’s not subsidized by the government so it’s more expensive here than countries like the US.

We buy most of our produce at the mercado, which saves us a lot of money. Groceries at Supermaxi and other major grocery stores are more expensive so we try to only buy packaged items there.

AirBnB by Parque de la Madre

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