EXPATS HAVEN’T FOUND THIS PLACE, YET! (Col Americana Guadalajara Mexico)

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This is the start of a new era for our channel! And we’re very excited about it!

Ecuador will continue to be our home base and we still plan to apply for citizenship next year when we’re eligible, but we’re taking our brand of expat edutainment on the road for future videos.

We already have several trips planned to other countries! This will allow us to gather more boots-on-the-ground information and do better comparisons between the various popular expat destinations.

In this video, we visited the neighborhood of Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was recently named the “Coolest Neighborhood in the World” by TimeOut.

We’re not sure it’s the “coolest” neighborhood, but it was really cool. It has lots of restaurants and nice housing options. There are several universities in the area so it has a young, energetic vibe.

We really enjoyed our time in Col Americana and plan to visit again!

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