Plant-Based Cooking: Food With Friends

It’s FUN to have people over to our house and record us cooking our plant-based food with friends videos. They often learn something new and teach us something new. And it’s almost always good for a few laughs!

Vegan Mexican Lasagna + Plantains w/ Peanut Butter (Episode 56)

Our good friend and Amelia’s FAVORITE yoga instructor came over for another Food With Friends to make some delicious Vegan Mexican Lasagna. Olesya is from Russia and speaks several languages, so you get to hear some cool pronunciations.

Amelia Olesya

Vegan Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Olesya had never tried tofu, so we invited her over in our first Food With Friends video back in Episode 35 to cook Tofu Scramble. And in this video, she learned how to make our easy and satisfying Vegan Mexican Lasagna Recipe. YUMMM!!! Amelia also walked her through our Vegan Refried Beans recipe, but you can use store-bought to save time (just make sure they’re oil and lard free).

Vegan Mexican Lasagna

And since Olesya never arrives empty handed, you’ll also learn how to make rich and delicious Plátanos con Pasta de Maní (You can find the recipe here: Ecuadorian Peanut Butter Plantain Recipe). It was the perfect dessert to follow our Vegan Mexican Lasagna.

Plátano con Pasta de Maní

We always have SOOO much fun when our friends come over to cook with us!

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Video Transcript

>> Olesya: Hello.

>> Amelia: Buenos días.

>> O: Buenos días.

>> JP: Buenos días.

>> O: Are you read to film?
>> A: Yeah.

>> JP: Are you ready for another
Food With Friends?

>> O: [laughing] Yeah, I am.

>> JP: Not friends FOR food.

>> O: More tofu, right?

>> A: Yes. More tofu.

>> O: You look nice!

>> A: Thank you! I like your earrings!

>> O: Thank you. It was a present from
one of the Rumisol [inaudible] actually.

>> JP: I like your necklace.

>> O: Wow! Guys!


>> O: What else you like?

[Upbeat Music]

>> A: High veggie lovers. I’m Amelia
with Amelia And JP.

JP is behind the camera and I’m
here with Olesya.

And we are going to make our
Vegan Mexican Lasagna today,

which is another tofu dish.
Yes. And delicious tortillas.

And JP’s homemade salsa.
And I already made refried beans.

You’re gonna really like this.
This comes together so quick.

All we have to do is drain the tofu
and then we’re gonna just

kinda smash it in here, put some salsa
and lime juice in here.

And then JP’s going to cut these
tortillas for me

because he didn’t like the way
I did it last time.

>> O: Wow!

>> JP: It’s just more efficient
to cut them.

>> A: Yes. He’s all about his efficiency.

And then we’re gonna layer it in

this casserole dish. And put the layers
on, put some salsa on,

and we’ll be good to go.

>> O: And how long does it take
in the oven?

>> A: About a half hour.
>> O: Ok.

>> JP: Yeah, it’s super fast.

>> A: So in the meantime, JP also made
some chips.

>> JP: Yeah, those are just corn chips.
>> O: Wow.

>> JP: Corn and water.

>> A: Yeah. They’re just.. We just use
these tortillas.

>> O: Uh-huh…

>> A: Which are just corn.

>> O: Where’d you get
those tortillas, guys?

>> A: We got them at SuperMaxi.
>> O: SuperMaxi, ok.

>> A: Yep. There’s nothing.
No oil added. Just baked so

we’ll have a delicious snack.

We have some avocado, too.

Alright! So let’s get started.

>> JP: And we have a salad.

>> A: Oh yes.
>> O: My stomach is talking to me.


>> A: We have to have salad.

Alright, so I’m gonna.. Whoops..

>> JP: That’s why we cut that over the sink.

>> A: Yeah, well.. What can I say?
I’m not perfect. [laughter]

>> JP: I love my new Fitbit!
It’s got a timer.

>> A: That’s awesome.

>> JP: So that I don’t forget the chips
and burn them up.

>> O: Yay! Chips!

>> JP: See I just put those and
bake them on there.

>> O: Uh-huh..

>> JP: And then we’re done.

>> A: Yeah. Doesn’t get much
easier than that.

>> JP: This is a whole package of chips.

A whole package of one of these.

So the nice thing is there’s no oil,
no salt.

You can put salt on them.

Sometimes I like to squeeze a little
lime juice or spritz it with lime.

And then put some.. a little salt over em,

but I didn’t do any of that because
my salsa is so good you don’t need that.


>> O: Do you like it a little bit spicy?

I think in [inaudible] they put some
kind of you know..

spice.. paprika or something like that.

>> JP: Oh, that would be good
on the chips.

>> O: And mango salsa. Mangos they eat
with pepper, or paprika.

>> JP: That sounds good.

>> A: Alright so we’re going to start
the tofu mixture,

which has a really cheesy consistency.

It’s very tricky. It’s tricky/sneaky.

>> JP: Well, it’s kind of like ricotta.
The texture of ricotta.

But there’s a Mexican cheese..
What’s it called?

>> O: I think that it’s called oaxaca,
but I’m not sure.

>> A: I think you’re right.
>> O: Look it up.

There is a city in Mexico, in the
south of Mexico that is called..

oaxaca? I’m hoping that I pronounce
it right.


>> A: Sounds good to me.

>> JP: Hopefully no one from there is
extremely offended right now.


>> A: Well if they are they can tell us
how to pronounce it properly.

So now we’re just going to.. sorry,
I didn’t explain that very well.


Just basically like we were doing the..
>> O: Eggs.

>> O: Yeah?
>> A: Exactly.

>> O: So I’ve got experience
so don’t worry.

>> JP: You’re going to be a tofu expert

>> A: I know..
>> O: [laughing]

>> A: She’s gonna re..

We’re gonna have to do a different
dish next time.

>> JP: Looks good!
>> A: Yes.

>> O: I’m done here?
>> A: Yes. Nicely done.

Ok. So I have one cup of salsa.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and
pour that in.

>> O: Nice…

>> A: And then if you wanna start
mixing that up.

While you do that, I’m gonna squeeze
in the juice of one lime.

>> JP: The juice of one lime.
That sounds so formal.

>> A: The juice of one lime.

Which I have cut in half so this is
the juice of a half a lime.

>> O: So it needs another half..

>> A: Yes.
>> O: ..juice of another half a lime.

>> JP: Poor little lime. You can hear it
screaming if you listen closely.

>> A: Oh God! That’s not funny. [laughing]

And I am going to use salt.
The salt is optional.

So I’m gonna do a teaspoon of salt.

>> O: Okay..

>> A: So this looks great!

>> O: Good.
>> JP: Wow! Yummy!

>> A: Ok. So now we’re gonna set
this aside.

And then what we’re gonna do..

actually checking my recipe.

You think I’d have this memorized by now.


>> JP: Where can that recipe be found,

>> A: That can be found on


>> JP: Cut these into quarters so that
it’s more uniform

and this is also faster than ripping
them up,

which is what we used to do.

But this is so much faster.

>> O: Um-huh..

>> A: I don’t know if it’s really faster.

>> JP: It is too! Look at that!

It’s completely done!

>> A: Ok. Alright.
>> JP: Done!

>> A: Good job!


>> JP: Thank you!


Alright, now you can use as many
as you need.

>> A: Ok. Thank you.

>> JP: And then the rest, I will just
put in the oven and bake into chips.

>> A: Alright. That sounds good.

So this recipe calls for refried beans and
I made my own although

you could use jarred or canned
refried beans of course.

>> JP: These are so delicious.
>> A: Oh, I know they’re so good!

So they’re really easy to make.

I use dried canary beans but you could
use pinto beans

or black beans would be good too.

And I soaked them overnight and then
I cooked them in our pressure cooker.

But of course you could cook them on the

Just be careful, you have to add
lots of water.

I’ve had bean burns before. [laughter]

Very disappointing!

>> JP: And if you buy them, make sure
you get oil free and LARD free.

>> A: Lard-free. Yes.

>> JP: A lot of the refried beans in the
states have lard.

>> A: Yes.
>> JP: You have to look at the labels.

>> A: So once they’re cooked, I just
poured them into a pan

or a soup pot, obviously, with the
juices that they cook in.

And then I added some veggie broth.

And I did one small onion, so that’s about
a half a cup of chopped onion.

And I did about two tablespoons garlic.
I like it garlic-y.

And then I put in some salt, about..

One to two teaspoons of salt depending
on how salty you want it.

And then, you just let it cook.

So you just keep stirring it. Let it cook
and it gets nice and thick.

And then you mash it with a..
>> JP: Potato masher.

>> A: This nice little tool.

And then at the end I squeeze in
the juice of one lime.

So one of these little limes.

Little lime.

And that’s it!

So I made it ahead of time so it would be
cool enough that we could work with it.

Because we didn’t want it to be
scalding hot.

And per JP’s request we have some extra
if we want some on the side.

>> JP: I love to have extra.
>> A: Yeah.

Ok. I’m going to start the
layering process.

So I’ve got 3/4 cup salsa to go on the bottom.

I’m just gonna spread this out.

>> JP: And you don’t need to oil that,

>> A: Nope. The salsa will keep anything
from sticking.. to the bottom.

No oil in this recipe.

Step number two.

I’m going to layer our NICELY cut…



On the bottom here so this is our
first layer.

So on a traditional lasagna, this
would be pasta.

Yeah, I don’t know what the actual
meaning of lasagna is,

but I’m guessing it just means like
layered.. dish.

>> JP: Isn’t that the type of noodle?

>> A: No, because, I mean.. people..
I don’t know.. people..

>> JP: Spaghetti is a type of noodle.
Fusilli is a type of noodle.

>> A: That’s true. Maybe it is,
I don’t know.

I was just thinking how you see people
do like raw lasagna..

>> JP: Wouldn’t it be called a parfait?
If it was…


>> A: I have no idea!

>> JP: Everybody love a parfait!
[quoting Donkey from Shrek]


>> A: OK! Moving on!

I’m going to use 1 1/2 cup
of refried beans.

And I just like to do.. measure out
1/2 cup at a time.

This can be a little tricky to spread.

>> JP: Without moving the tortillas
all over.

>> A: Yes. You kinda have to press
it into place.

So this would be tricky if you did..

made this and had your refried beans
in the refrigerator.

So if you make these ahead of time,
which I often do..

I would just pull them out and let
them come to room temperature.

Next step is to add in one cup of our
tofu mixture.

And again, you wanna just kinda
evenly spread that.

>> JP: Olesya’s taking over.
>> O: Ready. Set. Go.


>> A: Alright so now we’re doing
the second layer.

>> O: Does it have to be perfect?
>> A: No.

>> JP: Yeah it does. Has to be absolutely
perfect. Geometrical.

>> A: Oh geez.

>> O: I can use all of these
for this layer?

>> A: Yeah.

The thing is, you know, it doesn’t
have to be precise

so if like.. maybe you want to use
flour tortillas..

you can use flour tortillas.

Maybe you want more tofu..

or maybe you want less tofu.

Well JP I don’t know how many extra
beans we’re gonna have.

>> JP: [Gasping]
>> O: [Laughing]

>> JP: That was my ONE requirement!

>> A: Well we do have.. I will always
make more.

The beans.. refried beans are in
steady rotation here in this house.

>> JP: A mainstay?
>> A: A mainstay, yes.

>> JP: Along with the juice of one lime?

>> A: Yes.


I don’t know why you find that so funny!


>> O: Mmmmm… A lot of beans
and that’s good.

>> A: I know. This is a very hardy lunch.

But it’s not heavy so you won’t feel
the need to take a nap afterwards.

>> O: You think so?

>> JP: No gut bomb.
>> A: No.

>> O: I just like taking a nap.


>> A: YES! You will DEFINITELY need
to take a nap afterwards.


Ok. Next thing is to put our
tofu mixture on.

>> O: Do you like it?
>> JP: Looks good!


>> A: We do wanna finish up the tofu.

>> JP: Yeah, so there’s only two layers.
>> A: There’s only two layers

I had that mixed up.

>> O: There is not so much left, though.
>> A: No.

Now we do our final tortilla layer.

>> O: Are we going to put
anything on top of this?

>> A: We are. We’re going to put
more salsa on top.

And then one final thing of salsa.

And then we just need to smooth that out.

And if you want more salsa, you can put
more salsa on top as well.

We usually just do the 3/4, but…

>> JP: You definitely want it
to be covered.

>> A: Yes.

Alright, that’s it!
>> O: Let me know when it’s perfect.

>> A: That is perfect.
>> O: When you think it’s good.

>> A: I think that looks amazing.

>> O: Ok.

>> A: And now we just need
to pop it in the oven.

Actually, that’s not true. We cover it
with aluminum foil first.

Because we don’t want it to get
burnt on top.

>> JP: Or for our British watchers, it’s


We’re using aluminium.

>> A: We don’t.. we try to use as little..

>> O: How do you say in Spanish actually.
Oh, aluminio.

>> A: Oh yeah.
>> JP: Aluminio?

>> O: Aluminio.

>> JP: How is it?
>> O: Papel aluminio.

>> JP: Aluminio.
>> O: Eso es.

>> JP: Eso es.


And then we’re going to
put it in the oven for..

>> O: 30 minutes?
>> A: 30 minutes. Yes.

>> JP: Treinta minutos.

How do you say it in Russian?

>> O: 30 minutes?

>> JP: Or aluminium.

>> O: Alumini.

>> JP: Alumini?
>> O: Uh-huh.

>> JP: And how do you say 30 minutes
in Russian?

>> O: [Speaking Russian]

>> JP: WHAT?!

>> O: [Speaking Russian]

>> A: Wow!
>> JP: That’s so cool!

>> A: That is cool!

>> JP: I know. Olesya speaks
so many languages.

>> A: Fluently too!
>> JP: Fluently!

>> A: I’m lucky I can make..
get English words out.


>> JP: Yeah. Extremely lucky!


>> O: Sometimes you forget?

>> A: Yeah. I get them mixed up now
with Spanish. Uhhhh…

It’s like I’m making up my own language
that only I understand.


It’s a little scary.

>> JP: Alright, what are we doing now?
>> O: Ok, let’s wait.

>> A: We gotta wait.

>> JP: Do we wanna make..

Olesya brought.. what did you bring?
Mamey and..

>> O: Mamey and if you want to
have like a dessert

we can make some plátanos verdes with
peanut butter paste.

>> A: I would love to make that!
>> JP: Do you want to make that?

>> O: Yeah, sure. And it’s going to take
around 30 minutes to boil them.

>> JP: Awesome. Now what’s it called?

This is a traditional Ecuadorian dish,

>> O: Yeah. They make it with
plátano maduro, the yellow one..

the sweet one and with plátano verde
this one that I brought.

I wanted to try with this one because it’s
less sweet.

It has to look a little bit..

It always looks like this a little bit


So yeah. Basically we just boil the

and then we mix it with peanut butter.

Mash it very well and it’s good!
It’s delicious!

>> JP: It is delicious.

Wow! Look at how she’s peeling!

>> O: I’m just peeling this.

>> A: Yeah. That’s not how I did mine.

>> JP: Yeah. We did ours..
>> O: How did you do it?

>> JP: We tried to peel it like a banana
and then we cut it..

>> O: That doesn’t work.
>> JP: ..then we ended up peeling it off.

>> A: You’re right. It does not work.
>> JP: It doesn’t work..


..with plátanos. With plantains.

These are..?
>> O: Maduros.

>> JP: Maduros. Yep.

>> O: Cut them into small pieces
so they cook fast.

Let’s add some water guys.
Cover it with water..

and let it boil for about 20, 30 minutes.

I cut it in small pieces so I don’t think
it’s gonna take too long.

>> A: I’m just gonna check the lasagna to
see how it’s coming along.

And we do wanna end up taking foil off
and letting it cook uncovered.

Ooo, it looks perfect.
>> JP: Wow. It does.

>> A: I think stage two now is to
uncover it.

And we’ll finish the cooking.

>> JP: And how are the maduros coming?

>> A: Do we need a fork?
>> O: They still need.

They still need time.

>> JP: Quite a bit. That was really hard.

>> O: They gonna take awhile.

>> A: So the maduros are duro?

But those aren’t maduros.
Those are verde. Yeah.

>> O: Verde.
>> JP: No, those are verdes.

>> A: Maduros are the yellow..
>> JP: The yellow ones.

>> A: Alright. I think we’re ready.
Let’s check it out.

Let’s take a look!

Oh. See, it’s all bubbly.

And look at our tortillas kinda
getting puffed up.

>> O: Looks delish.

>> A: Yes. Yum.
>> O: Can’t wait.

>> A: Smells really good.

>> O: It’s that time.

>> A: It is that time.
>> O: [laughing]

>> A: Alright. It probably is gonna
need to sit for a minute or two

otherwise it’s just gonna kinda
spill out everywhere.

>> JP: Yeah, I would let it sit to cool
for a few minutes.

>> A: Yeah.

>> JP: How is our plántanos coming?

>> O: I think they need a little bit more
time because they need to be soft.

I don’t think they’re ready yet.

>> A: Do we wanna get our salad ready?

>> JP: Yes.
>> A: And I warmed up those refried beans.

>> JP: Yay!

>> A: Ok.
>> O: Thank you.

>> JP: That looks DElicious.
>> A: It does look delicious.

>> JP: Alright what are you guys
going to eat?

>> A: Hahaha!
>> O: [laughing]

>> A: I don’t think
we’re missing anything.

>> JP: So you’re gonna try the…
>> O: I think we..

>> JP: You’re gonna try
the nutritional yeast?

>> O: Yeah. I’ll put a little bit
just to see how it tastes.

>> A: I would just try sprinkling a
little bit on top

since you’ve never tried it maybe
just a little in one spot

in case you don’t like it.
>> O: Ahhh. Yeah.

>> JP: What’s everybody think?

>> A: Delicious.
>> O: Delicious.

>> JP: Muy delicioso.

>> O: Delicioso.
>> A: Sí.

>> A: Wow it smells really good.

>> O: Peanut always smells good.
>> A: I know, right? [laughing]

>> JP: So how do you know how much
peanut butter to put in there?

>> O: I don’t actually. It depends..
depends on the taste. [laughing]

>> JP: You have to taste it.
>> O: Yeah.

>> O: I know that my Ecuadorian family
usually uses the mixer.

They actually mix it in a
very smooth texture.

So it doesn’t have all this chunks.

But I don’t think that it’s needed,
honestly. [laughing]

>> JP: YouTube needs to invent

>> A: Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice.

>> JP: For all these cooking channels so
people can be really envious.


>> JP: Alright, what are we adding?

>> O: I added some cranberries.

So it’s a little bit sweeter.

And let’s put a little bit more.
>> A: It looks delish.

>> JP: Dried cranberries.

>> O: Yep.
>> A: Yummy.

>> O: I like cranberries.
>> A: What a neat idea for dessert.

>> O: [laughing]

But if you want real dessert, make it
with plátano maduro actually.

>> A: Ok.
>> O: Which is the yellow one.

>> JP: The yellow plátanos
are much sweeter.

>> O: It’s very good.

>> JP: And then we’re going to drizzle
some date syrup over it.

>> O: Yeah.
>> JP: Wow! That looks really good!

>> O: [laughing] Hope it tastes good also.

>> A: I’m going in.
>> O: Let’s do it!

>> A: That’s really good.. yeah.

It’s just the right amount of sweet.

>> JP: It sounds just like me!
>> A: Awww…

Aren’t you funny?!
You’re just full of it today.

>> JP: [chuckling]

>> A: Thanks for joining us for our
second episode of Food With Friends.

Thank you for teaching us how to make
the verde plantains.

>> O: Yeah.
>> A: Oh, there’s an unhappy dog.


>> O: We had a delicious lasagna today.

It was tofu and hopefully next time you’re
gonna teach me something…

somehow the desserts.
>> JP: Without tofu?

>> A: Without tofu.
>> O: [laughing]

>> A: We’ll move on to our next..
>> O: Yeah…

>> A: And we’ll do something
with nutritional yeast.

>> O: Yeah, that would be great.
>> A: Yes. Awesome.

>> O: Thank you so much guys!
>> A: Thank you.

>> O: I love being here!

>> A: Aww. Well we love having you.
Thank you.

Thank you. We’ll see you guys soon.

Oh don’t forget to subscribe!

Hit that notification button so you get
our next episode.

[Blooper Beep]

Alright. Bye…!


You’re not stopping…

Food With Friends Featuring Rachel + Weird Exotic Fruit Tasting (Episode 50)

In this episode of Food With Friends, our friend Rachel joined us for some delicious Lazy Girl Easy Vegan Enchiladas and weird exotic fruit tasting.

Weird Exotic Fruit Tasting in Cuenca Ecuador

The fruits we tasted were Dragon Fruit (pitahaya in Spanish), Ecuadorian Guava and Sapote.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is extremely sweet and juicy. Just cut it in half and dip out the goodness with a spoon. We love Dragon Fruit, but it is a very effective laxative so it’s best to eat in extreme moderation. That little bit I ate in the video completely cleaned me out the next morning!

Ecuadorian Guava

Ecuadorian Guava

The Guava is a lot different than us North American’s are used to. Here in Ecuador, it’s a pod with a white, edible cotton-like pulp and lots of slimy black seeds. The pulp is sweet with the consistency of cotton candy. None of us were huge fans of this fruit. It was mostly seeds and the edible pulp clings to them so you have to put the whole thing in your mouth and spit out the slimy seed.



The Sapote was quite delicious, but a bit stringy with lots of large seeds. It was hard to cut and the strings got lodged in our teeth requiring floss to remove them. It tasted like a cross between a cantaloupe and a sweet pumpkin, but the the consistency of a stringy mango. While it was a bit more high maintenance to eat than a mango, it was delicious and we all agreed, worth buying again.

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★ Plant Based News ➞
★ What The Health ➞

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Food With Friends Featuring Olesya (Episode 35)

This is our first “Food With Friends” episode on Amelia And JP. We have several friends in Cuenca who have asked us to help them cook more plant-based meals so we thought we’d share the experiences with everyone.

In this episode, Olesya joined us to make our Tofu Scramble recipe, and we also improvised a sweet potato recipe to go with it. The Tofu Scramble recipe can be found on our sister recipe and meal plan website, We haven’t published the new sweet potato dish yet but we do have another Sweet Potato Hash recipe that’s delicious.

Olesya is transitioning to a full vegan diet and already eats mostly plant-based. Over coffee one morning, she mentioned that she hated tofu, mainly because she didn’t know how to prepare it. So we invited her over to share our delicious Tofu Scramble recipe, which she loved! Now, she wants to come back for our Easy Vegan Lasagna made with Tofu Ricotta so look for a future video with Olesya.

See More: Food With Friends Featuring Rachel + Weird Exotic Fruit Tasting (Episode 50)

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Weekly Newsletter from Ecuador

NEWS from ECUADOR Grab our Ecuador Cost of Living and Moving Calculator so you can more effectively budget for your move. After you sign-up for our weekly newsletter with expat-relevant news from Ecuador, you’ll get the download link.

The newsletter contains the latest information about covid, travel restrictions & guidelines, government actions, volcanoes, flooding, crime, and more. Basically, anything significant from the prior week that affects expats.

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