Café Libre Cuenca for Dinner – Nighttime in Cuenca Ecuador

Before our delicious gourmet dinner at Café Libre Cuenca, we walked around El Centro. Nighttime in Cuenca Ecuador is really stunning. The city is alive with lights and energy. There are lots of street musicians, rappers, jugglers and dancers to entertain the passers by. The atmosphere is electric!

Nighttime In Cuenca Ecuador

Amelia says we don’t stay out past 11:30PM… HA! I don’t know who she’s trying to fool! We’re usually in bed by 9PM every night and rarely accept invitations to go out after dark. We get up at 5AM either to workout or because the dogs wake us up so we go to bed early to get our 8 hours of sleep.

The architecture is incredible at night, too!

Nighttime Cuenca Ecuador New Cathedral Night 1

Nighttime Cuenca Ecuador Museo 1

Nighttime Cuenca Ecuador Iglesia San Alfonzo

Café Libre Cuenca Ecuador

This video was the first time we ate dinner at Café Libre because they don’t open until 7PM and that’s a late dinner for us. We normally eat lunch there, but it’s the same menu.

Paul has a great story of how he backpacked through South America and cooked for a plant-based restaurant in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, before returning to Cuenca to open Café Libre. Ask him to tell you the story sometime!

Cuenca has a LOT of amazing restaurants, but Paul is a truly talented plant-based chef! If this restaurant opened in LA or NYC, there would be a constant line around the corner! It’s THAT GOOD!

Café Libre Cuenca Ecuador Appetizer

Café Libre Cuenca Ecuador Beet Quinoa

Café Libre Cuenca Ecuador Cauliflower

Café Libre Cuenca Ecuador Dessert

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