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Belly Dance Cuenca Ecuador

Belly Dancing at Fratello in Cuenca Ecuador

Back in the states, Amelia enjoyed Pole Fitness (that’s pole dancing for exercise), but here in Cuenca, she has fallen in love with Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing! She only had 4 days to learn this dance for the Belly Dancing at Fratello fundraiser, and she did great!

Cuenca Ecuador Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Cuenca Ecuador + Tomebamba Riverwalk

Today, I went for my regular physical therapy in Cuenca Ecuador for my continuing spinal issues. My physical therapist (PT), Karina, specializes in neck and back physical therapy and she’s really good at it. She got her degree in Belgium where she had to learn English and Dutch at the same time….

Cuenca Ecuador Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping in Cuenca Ecuador + Cervezas at Inca

Today, we went shoe shopping in Cuenca Ecuador, and as a reward for my extreme patience, we went to Inca Lounge for cervezas on our way home. We also stumbled upon some improv dueling rappers in Parque de la Madre. You just never know what you’re going to see while walking around Cuenca!

Cuencas Supermarket Supermaxi

Cuenca Ecuador Supermarket – Supermaxi El Vergel

This morning, we visited Supermaxi El Vergel to get some of our staple supplies like soy milk, mushrooms, apple cider vinegar, crackers, wine, etc. We also buy trash bags, laundry detergent, canned goods, spices, tofu, condiments and other packaged items there.

We typically buy all of our fruits and veggies at the mercado, but the mercados don’t carry everything and we really like Supermaxi El Vergel. It’s clean, reasonably priced and feels like a Safeway or Kroger back in the states. Oh, and the people who work there are all really nice and helpful.

We hope you enjoy this tour of Supermaxi El Vergel. We’ve also included some Spanish language learning opportunities for you….

CLP Bus to Guayaquil Ecuador

CLP Bus to Guayaquil Ecuador from the Coast

We couldn’t live at Villa de Los Sueños forever and we eventually had to go back home to Cuenca Ecuador. This video covers our CLP Bus to Guayaquil Ecuador from Olón, including the Guayaquil Bus Terminal and the busetas that run between Cuenca and Guayaquil….

Villa de los Suenos La Entrada Ecuador

Villa de Los Sueños Resort Tour + The Colorful Pueblita of La Entrada Ecuador (Episode 9)

We LOVED LOVED LOVED our stay at Villa de Los Sueños and La Entrada, Ecuador!!! It was beautiful, relaxing and muy tranquilo! The current owners of Villa de Los Sueños are amazing hosts and went out of there way to make sure a couple of vegans felt right at home.

They even picked up some non-dairy milk on a trip to Libertad to get a new hot water heater and they made a special vegan lasagna for us so we could have dinner with the other guests after a long day of whale watching. We’re already planning our return trip!

La Entrada is a quaint little pueblita (little town/community/comuna) located about 20 minutes north of Montañita, Ecuador. The comuna has been rejuvenated with colorful buildings and more than 2 dozen murals painted by Ecuadorian artists. It’s also a great destination wedding location, as you’ll see in the church pics…

Whale Watching Puerto Lopez Ecuador

Whale Watching Puerto Lopez Ecuador: We Saw Humpback Whales!!!

My whole life I’ve dreamed of seeing whales up-close, and our Puerto Lopez Whale Watching tour on Ecuador’s Southern Coast more than delivered! We saw a momma whale and her baby playing pretty close to the port of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador. They swam right by and even under the boat. They’re such amazing, prehistoric looking animals!

Montañita Ecuador

The Party Town of Montañita Ecuador + Our 8K Beach Walk!

It was an overcast morning, but it was warm (in the mid-70’s) and didn’t look like rain so we decided to walk along the beach 8 kilometers from La Entrada to Olón and Montañita, Ecuador. The beach was virtually empty all the way to Olón, except for a giant whale!

Ecuador Beach Vacation

We’re Leaving Cuenca for an Ecuador Beach Vacation (Episode 6)

This was our first Ecuador beach vacation and we LOVED IT! We’d heard great things from our friends about Ecuador’s beaches, Montañita and the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed, Villa de Los Sueños. And they were right! It was amazing!

This video covers our trip from Cuenca Ecuador to La Entrada where Villa de Los Sueños is located. La Entrada is about a 20 minute drive north of Montañita Ecuador….

Turi Church Steps Cuenca Ecuador

A Hike Up the 439 Turi Church Steps + Mall Del Río & Feria Mascotas in Cuenca Ecuador

Today, we decided to hike up the 439 stairs to the Turi Church again, just for exercise (yes, I also think Amelia is trying to kill me!).

Then we circled around to Mall del Río where we went shopping for a new pair of shoes for me, but we bought Amelia new shoes and shirts, instead. Then we went to Parque El Paraíso for the Feria Mascotas (Pet Fair)….

Sabatinos Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador

Sabatino’s Artisanal Market in Cuenca Ecuador + Belly Dancing & Music Festival

Today, we visited Sabatino’s Artisanal Market here in Cuenca Ecuador to get some organic peanut butter, vegan fudge, bread and other stuff. Then we stumbled upon a music festival at Otorongo Plaza celebrating 80 year anniversary of a local music conservatory. We ended our day in the life at Fratello for a delicious lunch and belly dancing performed by Academia Profesional de Danza Clásica “Tersícore”….

Mercado 27 de Febrero Cuenca Ecuador

Mercado 27 de Febrero Organic Thursday Market in Cuenca Ecuador

On most Thursday mornings, you can find us at the organic popup market outside Mercado 27 de Febrero in Cuenca Ecuador. It’s a short 10 minute walk from our house so it’s very convenient.

We’re not 100% sure everything is truly organic, but everything is 100% beautiful and delicious. And since the prices are so reasonable, we figure it’s worth it, regardless….

Mirador de Turi Ecuador

Mirador de Turi Ecuador: The Colorful Cuenca Countryside

Our hike through Mirador de Turi Ecuador and the Cuenca Countryside was like stepping back in time. Small farms dot the landscape and friendly people were eager to talk to us….

Bumba Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador

Bumba Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador + Tour of El Centro & Lunch at Café Libre

Today, we went to the Bumba Artisanal Market in Cuenca Ecuador before venturing onward to a popup outdoor textiles market and then to lunch at plant-based Café Libre restaurant in Cuenca.

We love to visit the artisanal markets like the Bumba Popup Market for fresh, organic, delicious, locally sourced vegan foods.