A Birthday in the Life in Cuenca Ecuador

Amelia’s birthday in the life was one of our best days yet in Cuenca Ecuador! We’ve been living here for nearly 2 years, and we’ve made some amazing friends along the way. We hope you enjoy the sights and sounds of this incredible city.

Tutto Matto Feria

We started our day at the Tutto Matto Feria that’s a short walk from our house. They host the artisanal popup market once a month here in Cuenca. We’ve featured it in another video, as well as the Bumba and Sabatino’s ferias.

Franco Organics

Franco Organics

We’ve featured Franco Organics several times because we love his products so much. Franco has two farms near Vilcabamba and he invited us to go tour one of them next time we visit. Franco doesn’t have a website or Facebook page so we can’t link to him. He told us he’s a farmer and doesn’t have time for that stuff. However, you can find his products at Semilla in El Centro, as well as the artisanal Saturday popup markets.

Franco and Marla sang happy birthday to Amelia. Marla was one of our very first YouTube subscribers and our very first patron on Patreon! She recently moved from Taiwan to Cuenca and is loving life here.

Franco and Amelia

Amelia and Marla

ArteSana Panadería

We’ve featuredArteSana Kelbert Kelbert from ArteSana Panadería several times before, too. That’s because we LOVE his wife’s vegan bread! Yum!

ArteSana doesn’t have a physical location, but you can order online and have it delivered. They also sell bread in Tienda Nectar and at Sunrise Café on Calle Larga at 10am most weekdays.

Cuenca Flower Market

After I dropped Amelia off at her belly dancing class, I walked down to the Cuenca Flower Market to get some flowers for her birthday. She LOVES lilies so when I saw that big bouquet of them, I knew immediately that was the one.

Zatua Miski

After I left the Cuenca Flower Market, I walked over to Zatua Miski to get some chocolate treats for Amelia. Nothing makes Amelia smile more than chocolate! Especially Paula’s truffles! I also got some cake and galletas (cookies).

Zatua Miski Vegan Truffles

Zatua Miski Chocolates

Namaste India

On my way back home, I stopped by Namaste India to say hola to Chinnu and Abin. They got the whole Namaste crew together to sing happy birthday for Amelia.

Namaste Crew

We had planned to go to Noe Sushi Bar for Amelia’s dinner. They have an amazing selection of vegan sushi, but it’s one of the more expensive places in Cuenca so we reserve it for special occasions.

However, Chinnu told me she wanted to make us a special Indian dinner for Amelia’s birthday and that was impossible to refuse. Chinnu is an incredible cook and one of our best friends so spending Amelia’s birthday with her, Abin and the rest of the Namaste crew was the perfect way to celebrate the best day of the year.

They bought Amelia a vegan cake and a GIANT flower arrangement! I especially liked the princess hat and Chinnu’s home cooking! The lighting was really bad so I didn’t get good video or pictures ?

Jimmy and Sharon

We’ve mentioned Jimmy and Sharon in multiple videos, but they’re a little camera shy so we haven’t featured them in any, until now! They’re two of the nicest people you can imagine, and we’re so happy to call them our friends.


Like Marla, they’re also among our first YouTube subscribers and patrons on Patreon. They moved here sightunseen on January 1st, 2019 after watching our videos. They needed to make a change from their life back in the states, and they’re loving their new life in Cuenca, or “paradise” as Jimmy calls it. You can meet them in person if you attend our monthly social gatherings, which we share in our Facebook Group.

Watch Our Video About Amelia’s Birthday in Cuenca, Ecuador



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  1. Joe
    Joe says:

    Thanks for all the content, my wife and I find it very helpful in our research in possibly relocating to Ecuador. We are concerned with the higher altitudes , as we are both chronic migraine sufferers.
    Do you know if that has been an issue for any expat moving to the country?
    If so, are there lower altitude cities that you would recommend that still have a reasonable cost of living but not too hot?
    Appreciate your time.


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