Despite having the MOST EXPENSIVE healthcare system in the world, the quality of healthcare in the United States is just AVERAGE compared to most other countries.

In fact, the main reason we HAD TO LEAVE the United States and can never move back is because we can’t afford health insurance or healthcare.

Following two major spinal surgeries, my health insurance tripled and we could no longer afford it. If I ever need another surgery, we would have gone bankrupt if we had stayed in the USA.

Now we live in Ecuador, which has a higher rated healthcare system than the United States, for a fraction of the cost. But Ecuador isn’t the only place to escape the healthcare scam that bankrupts more than 500,000 Americans every year!

In this video, we feature 10 countries with better healthcare that costs 3 to 10 times LESS than the United States. You can visit as a medical tourist or you can move to these countries and become an official expat.

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