Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador: The Stairs to Turi (Episode 18)

The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador is just a few steps away! We hike up to the Turi Church at least once per week, but usually 2 or 3 times per week.

Turi Stairs – Best Free Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador

There are 439 stairs leading up to Turi, but the shortcut we take adds another 126 stairs plus some steep hills. It really gets your blood pumping!

Best Free Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador JP Turi Stairs

Getting to the top is a real sense of accomplishment. Amelia usually leaves me in the dust because she’s in much better shape than I am, and because my spinal cord injury slows me down. She comes back down to meet me, then walks ahead again so she gets an extra workout.

Best Free Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador Amelia Rocky

Once you reach the top of the Turi Stairs, you are rewarded with beautiful views of Cuenca Ecuador.

Free Cardio Cuenca Ecuador Turi Church

Free Cardio Cuenca Ecuador Turi View 1

Free Cardio Cuenca Ecuador Turi View 2

Amelia And JP Turi Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador Park Cardio

On our way back home, we stopped to play in a park for awhile. Cuenca has LOTS of parks like this one, with free circuit cardio equipment, ziplines, swings and walking trails.

Cuenca Ecuador Park Amelia Exercise

Cuenca Ecuador Park Amelia Zipline

Easy Garden Salad Recipe

Then we came home and I prepared my Easy Garden Salad that makes enough for several days of hearty, nutritious salads.

We hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery on our hike up to Turi here in Cuenca, Ecuador. And we hope you enjoy our Easy Garden Salad recipe.

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