Bachelor Vegan Dinner + Amelia’s Goodbye (Episode 59)

Amelia is back in the states for a couple of weeks so I’m cooking my own bachelor vegan dinner. She still works for a company based in Denver, CO and she has to go back once every 3 to 4 months for facetime and account reviews. She manages their CRM tool and does various other sales related activities.

The Cuenca airport is very small, as we showed you in our Return to Cuenca video. In this video, we show you the food court, which is very thin on vegan options. We looked at all the menus and didn’t see a single vegan meal option. They do have lots of vegan drinks and snacks, though, including papas fritas, but nothing hardy or healthy.

When I got home, I walked down to the fruit lady who is located in our neighborhood a couple blocks from home. There are small produce stands and shops all over the neighborhoods in Ecuador, which makes it easy to get fruits and veggies. Some even have flowers. The abundance of produce shops is one of the many things we LOVE about Ecuador.

Bachelor Vegan Dinner

Bachelor Vegan Dinner - Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

For my first bachelor vegan dinner, I made some Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup with steamed broccoli. This is probably the easiest recipe we make, and one of my favorites. It’s perfect for a single person’s dinner. I had enough left over for lunch the next day. I like to put Tabasco on my broccoli, or sometimes fresh lemon juice.

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Video Transcript

>> Amelia: Hi veggie lovers. I’m Amelia
with Amelia And JP.

This is JP. He is holding the camera
this time as you can see.

He is not behind the camera.


Stating the obvious, I know.

I ammm.. going to Denver.

>> JP: I know. We’re not very happy.
>> A: Yep.

>> JP: She’s leaving me.
>> A: I’m leaving JP.

>> JP: She’s leaving me for the states.

>> A: Yep. So I’m flying to Quito

and then I’ll fly out of Quito and
head back to the US tomorrow.

>> JP: So we’re going to take her
to the airport right now

and then I’ll come home and
get back to work.

>> A: That’s right. [Gun Sound]

Oh wait. That was like a gun.
That’s not what I meant.

It was supposed to be a whip.
[Whip Sounds]


>> JP: We’ll have to work on that.
>> A: Yeah. Ok.

>> JP: Alright, please remember to
subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

We have some very exciting news
coming up

and we are not quite ready to share
it yet, but we will soon.

>> A: We will.

>> JP: We share videos at 2PM Eastern Time
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,

and we hang out for about an hour

to respond to your comments and
answer questions if you have any.

>> A: I think that’s it for now. We’ll
see you at the Cuenca airport.

>> JP: Yep.

[Upbeat Music]

[Sad RnB Music – If You Let Go by LEL]

>> A: The Cuenca airport is really small.

They only have two gates, I think.

And I’m flying out of numero uno.

They also don’t have a lot of food
options here.

You can get some french fries,
papas fritas and juice.

They have a bunch of snacks so you can
get potato chips,

but nothing of substance.

Good thing is, this is a
really short flight

so I can get food in Quito.

Bye! I’m about to go through security.

>> JP: Have a good trip.

>> A: Thank you. I hope to..
this is a nice short flight.

>> JP: There’s Miss Daisy.

Aww. Aww. Got here high step on.

Well I took Amelia to the airport.

Got a cab back home.

The last time I took her to the airport

the cab driver went this round about way

and I told him he was going the wrong way

and he wouldn’t listen to me.

It cost me 5 bucks to get home
from the airport.

Today it was $2.70, about half the rate.

It sure does save money being able to
speak in Spanish

because I told him how to get home today.

Now I’m gonna walk down..

since Amelia was leaving today we didn’t
go to the mercado like we normally do

on Thursday so I’m gonna walk down
to our little fruit lady

and get some pineapples and bananas
cuz I’m out of all of my fruit.

[Sad RnB Music – If You Let Go by LEL]

We really like having our little fruit
lady in our neighborhood.

She’s about 2 and a half blocks from
the house

so if we ever run out of anything,

we can just run down there and buy
from her and she’s super cheap.

So I got all of this fruit here
that you see.

I got the bananas, a giant papaya,

a pound of strawberries, 3 mangos,

5 granadillas, 3 red onions, and..

they call them purple onions here.
Morado. Cebolla morada.

And a piña. All of that for $7.70.

That is quite the deal, especially for
these tropical fruits.

It’s hard to believe we can get them
that cheaply here.

And now I’m going to cook myself
some dinner.

I’ll show you what a bachelor vegan eats
for dinner.

I’m gonna make our Easy Black Bean Soup
for dinner.

I think I’ve done this on a
What We Eat In A Day video

so I’m not gonna really go through

in detail what’s in it. It’s black beans,
salsa and some cumin.

And it tastes amazing and it’s super easy.

And I went ahead and made some brown rice
to go with it.

And steamed some broccoli.

So I’m gonna eat this for dinner tonight.

My first bachelor night alone here
in Cuenca.

I already miss Amelia. She’s probably
arriving in Quito about now

or maybe already at the hotel.

Alright, this is it for today.

Hopefully you enjoyed our video of
Amelia’s departure.

She’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I’m gonna do a lot of
solo filming

and hopefully I’ll get her to send me
some video from Denver.

There’s lots of good vegan restaurants
in Denver and

hopefully she’ll go to a couple of them.

Alright, please remember to subscribe

and leave us a like
if you enjoyed this video

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The notification bell so you make sure and
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We have some really cool stuff coming up

that we can’t wait to share with you.

We’ll see you next time.