9 things that AMAZED us about AYAMPE ECUADOR

Amelia and JP VLOG 233: This video has been several weeks in the making. We went to Ayampe Ecuador just 30 minutes north of Olón a few weeks ago to film a walk-and-talk, but it was too windy to talk so we decided to capture the natural beauty of Ayampe and narrate it later.

Unfortunately, the upstairs neighbor has been renovating for the past 3+ weeks so it has been too noisy to film at our condo. Thankfully, we had a brief window of quiet time over the weekend so we could record the 9 things that amazed us about our afternoon in Ayampe.

While we were recording, I kept telling Amelia that it felt like we had been transported to another planet! However, while I was editing the video, Amelia said it looked more like a fairytale book than an alien world. Either way, we were filled with amazement around every corner of our walk through the town and down the beach.

If you know the official name of the island, please let us know in the comments. Google seems to be very confused about its name.

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