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The Live Abroad Toolkit: 7 Must-Have Tools!

The 7 Downloadable Tools in the Live Abroad Toolkit are a necessity if you’re just starting the planning phase of your move to another country. They’ll help you lay the groundwork for your new life abroad.

IMPORTANT: This Toolkit is included with the Live Abroad Master Class AND the All-Inclusive Live Abroad Program. If you choose to buy one of those packages, you don’t need to buy this one.

#1 Live Abroad Checklist

This detailed checklist includes every step in each phase of your move abroad. It will help you stay focused and ensure your don’t miss anything important along the way.

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The Live Abroad Checklist is the first tool in the toolkit and it’s yours for free.

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#2 Live Abroad Plan

The Live Abroad Plan starts with your ideal Leave Date and works backward from there. You’ll assign dates to each of the major milestones so you’ll know what to work on and when.

#3 Visa Options Matrix

We’ve created a Visa Options Matrix to help you decide where to live based on what types of visas are available in each country. We’ll keep this updated as things change.

#4 Visa Options Report

This report contains all the visa options and requirements arranged by country so you can easily find the info and determine if you qualify. We’ll keep this updated, too.

#5 Expat Country Selector

Get help deciding where to live based on what’s important to you. Assign weights to each of 15 different factors and then assign values to each country, region or city that’s on your list. The winner has the highest score!

#6 Cost of Moving Calculator

There are lots of costs associated with moving abroad, including things like visa fees, travel costs, health insurance, shipping costs, etc. This calculator will help you plan a budget for your move so you’re not caught by surprise.

#7 Cost of Living Calculator

Before you get too excited about a place, you need to make sure you can afford to live there. This calculator will help you construct a monthly budget to ensure you have enough funds to cover your living expenses.

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