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Will your dream become reality?

According to a 2022 Gallup Poll, 15% of Americans said they want to live abroad permanently. That’s about 50 million people!

Yet less than 9 million Americans currently live abroad. That’s less than 3% of the 330 million US population!

Millions of people have the dream, but only a small percentage make it a reality.

What will your story be?

World-renowned psychologist Dan Gilbert discussed in his bestselling book “Stumbling on Happiness,” that when we take a risk, even if it doesn’t pan out, we can still tell ourselves a productive story about it.

For example: I moved to Thailand but didn’t like it so I moved back home, but I still learned a lot about myself and another culture.

However, when we don’t take a risk, there is no story to tell and we’re left with a void of regret, wondering “what could have been?”

Living abroad might be scary, but imagine how it will change you and the stories you’ll be able to tell!

“Wow. Your materials are worth the price of admission. Great stuff, and thank you.” ~David, USA

“Since joining this group I have had an increase in energy and inspiration as to what my new life looks like. I feel like at some point I will take a step forward and suddenly magically step into my new life. What I am referring to, is that this course is forcing me to look at details that I have not thought of before, and breaking down these details into real life situations.” ~Mahara, USA

Amelia And JP with Fall Colors and turning trees in the background.

We’re Amelia And JP

And we want to help YOU live abroad!

Amelia and I were living the dream. We owned a nice house in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. We drove nice cars. We had a nice, conventional life. But then everything suddenly changed.

One afternoon, while walking Daisy (our Border Collie Mix) around the neighborhood, I found it increasingly difficult to lift my feet. My legs felt heavier and heavier with each step.

After a battery of tests, we discovered that my spine was literally falling apart and I was less than one millimeter away from death or permanent paralysis from the neck down!

That led to two surgeries that cost almost $1 million, a year of recovery, and learning how to walk again…TWICE!

Thankfully, insurance covered most of the expenses, but it still strapped us financially.

The whole experience made us take stock of our lives. We asked ourselves if any of it really mattered. The house? The cars? The dream?

We were given the gift of more life just when we thought it was about to end, and we didn’t want to waste it!

That’s when we started laying the groundwork to escape the hamster wheel and fulfill our dream of living abroad.

But it wasn’t easy.

We had a mountain of debt from Amelia’s student loan, my health-related expenses, and the credit cards we used to make ends meet.

At the time, we didn’t know how we were going to make our dream possible, but we did it! And now we want to help you do it, too!

It has been nearly 7 years since we left the U.S. Our only regret? Not doing it sooner!

We probably would have move abroad a long time ago, but we were afraid, we didn’t know where to start, and we didn’t know who to ask for help.

And that’s why we created this comprehensive, fast-track, Live Abroad Program.

We really wish we had something like this back in 2017, but we didn’t.

We felt our way around in the dark.. by ourselves.. and learned every lesson the hard way. But you don’t have to do that because we’re here to help you do what we’ve already done!

Regardless of where you are or where you’re going, we can help you get there in the next year or beyond!

“After a little over 2 years in Ecuador, I finally saw you two in person and it really brought this whole journey full circle for me. Though I am still very fresh into this chapter of my life, it has been an amazing experience. Better than anything I could have imagined. Long story short, I came across your videos in Oct 2020, had my exploratory trip at the end of Feb 2021, and was on the plane to Cuenca in June 2021. I will be getting my permanent visa here shortly, have retired at the age of 39, and plan to stay here for the rest of my days. It truly has been magical and I feel very fortunate to be able to live this life down here. And so, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking the risk and sharing your experience so that others could more comfortably walk down the same path and find their own little piece of paradise. Thanks for everything!” ~Jim

What is the Live Abroad Program?

This is an action-oriented program designed to give you the information, support, and community you need to help you Live Abroad in the next year or beyond if you’re on a longer track.

You won’t find anything that helps you move and live abroad that’s even remotely this comprehensive, especially for the price.

You can start the program when you’re ready and go at your own pace, whether you want to be living abroad in a few weeks, a few months, or a few years.

We’ve accumulated an extensive amount of experience, research, and resources since we moved abroad in 2017. This program combines everything we know so the information you need is easy to find, and the support you need is easy to get as you step onto this amazing ride.

The Live Abroad Toolkit comes with the program and gives you access to all the tools we’ve developed over the years to help demystify the costs and logistics of moving abroad. It contains the Live Abroad Checklist, Live Abroad Plan, Residency Visa Matrix, Visa Details Report by Country, Cost of Moving Calculator, Cost of Living Calculator, The Expat Country Selector.

The Live Abroad Master Class is an A-to-Z, step-by-step eCourse that walks you through the process of moving abroad so you’ll know what to expect and what things need to be done at each step.

Amelia’s exclusive video series will help you 10X Your Quality of Life, even before you leave home. Before we moved abroad, our Quality of Life really suffered. Living abroad has certainly helped improve it, but it wasn’t a magic cure-all. We’ve done a lot of other things to get our lives in order, and Amelia’s going to share some of those things with you.

The program also includes the Live Abroad Support Package, which gives you access to a Monthly Member-Only Live Q&A Support Session, the Private Live Abroad Community, and a Priority Support Email Address.

During the Monthly Member-Only Live Q&A Support Session, you’ll be able to ask us anything and we’ll respond right then, on live video. You’ll also be able to Live Chat with us and other program members.

You’ll also get access to a Private Live Abroad Community where you’ll be able to connect with like-minded people who are on a similar path as you. Some members are just starting the process of moving abroad while others have lived abroad for years. And everyone is eager to help you!

As a program member, you’ll have exclusive access to a Priority Support Email Address that will send your messages to the top of our queue. We get an unbelievable number of messages so this will make sure we see yours.

And finally, the Online Income eCourse will help you fund your life abroad or maybe earn a few extra bucks to give yourself some financial breathing room. It’ll give you lots of ideas for earning money from anywhere, and help you choose some viable options.

Over the past several years of our YouTube Channel, we’ve helped a LOT of people live abroad and attain a higher quality of life for a lower cost of living.

This program is a direct result of the feedback we’ve received from people just like you who want to live abroad. It’s a more structured approach that helps pave the way for YOU to make this life-changing transformation with more confidence and less confusion.

Come join us on this amazing life adventure!

“I live a stunning life now, here in Vilcabamba. I’m certain that I would have wound up in a care facility for the elderly, slowly dying the death of my soul. Your work helped me navigate the system to avoid that awful fate. I’m forever grateful to you for that. I will never leave. I’m uniquely positioned to live out the rest of my life surrounded in joy, strength, beauty and love. Thanks so much for helping me all along the way.” ~Stacey

How the Live Abroad Program Works

Step 1: Simplify

Fast Track Your Move Abroad

Simplify and fast track the process of moving abroad with the training and tools we’ve developed.

They’re based on our years of experience living abroad and posting educational videos on YouTube for more than 100,000 subscribers.

You’ll get a structured, methodical guide that will help you avoid pitfalls, save money, and potentially compress your timeline.

Step 2: Connect

Be Part of a Community

Be part of an exclusive community of like-minded people who support you as you embark on a new life abroad.

You’ll get answers to questions, encouragement when you need it, and make new friends who share a common goal.

Plus, with lifetime access at no additional charge, you’ll be able to stay connected and help others who want to follow in your footsteps.

Step 3: Transform

Live Your Dream

Most people only dream about living abroad, but you’re going to make it a reality.

Your life will become a series of unforgettable and mind-altering experiences that will forever change how you see the world.

This journey will transform you in ways you never imagined! You’ll be truly free and able to live life on your own terms!

“I’m in Cuenca and I love it here so far…it’s only been a few days but the city is amazing! I would not have come here without you guys, thank you so much! Keep up the good work. Just thought that you would enjoy some positive feedback on what you are doing really matters!” ~Gary

Here’s What the Live Abroad Program Includes

The Live Abroad Master Class

You’ll gain access to the entire Live Abroad Master Class on the first day of the program.

It’s is an A-to-Z guide with over 50 videos + even more written content that will walk you through every step of the process of moving and living abroad, and it applies to ANY country you’re considering.

It takes a complicated process with lots of moving parts, and breaks it into small chunks that are easier to manage and accomplish. And it has lots of links to external resources that you’ll need along the way.

It’s a living class, too. That means we’ll be adding to it over time. If you’re serious about moving abroad someday, now’s the time to lock in the lowest price.

Plus, you’ll be able to download the Live Abroad Plan, the Updated Live Abroad Checklist, and the Expat Country Selector as part of the course materials.

The Plan starts with your ideal Leave Date and works backward from there. You’ll assign dates to each of the major milestones so you’ll know what to work on and when.

The Checklist has dozens of tasks you’ll need to complete, but don’t worry because you’ll check them off one at a time and you’ll be done before you know it.

The Country Selector includes 13 factors that are important to most people when choosing a place to live abroad, like safety, healthcare, cost of living, etc. You can assign weights to each factor based on what’s most and least important to you. Then you assign scores to the factors for each country or city you’re considering, and the winner has the highest weighted score. Easy peasy. (We’ll help you with this if you’re struggling.)

“I started making my way through the Master Class and I want to commend you on another job well done. There is a significant amount of valuable information, which can result in saving both money and unexpected aggravation. ” ~Guy, USA

“Each section was short, informative, and provided useful information. I appreciated the first-person perspective.” ~Rudy, USA

10X Your Quality of Life with Amelia

This is a standalone video course and, for the first time, Amelia is flying solo!

One of the major reasons to live abroad is to attain a higher quality of life, but simply moving abroad may not be enough to achieve the kind of life you’ve imagined.

There’s an old saying: “Wherever you go, there you are.” If you have a lot of mental, emotional and/or life baggage, there are tangible actions you can take to lighten the load so you don’t have as much baggage to take with you.

Amelia is a master at quality of life. She has always been an inspiration to me and everyone I know because of her joie de vivre (enjoyment of life).

However, she wasn’t always like this. According to Amelia, it was a lot of work to get to where she is now, and she’s going to share the tangible actions she took that led to the “Amelia” we all know and love today!

In this exclusive video series, Amelia will share specific actions you can take that will help improve your quality of life so you feel happier and healthier.

Whether you’re still living in your home country or settled in your new home abroad, by the end of the program, you’re going to feel a lot lighter!

“Thanks to Amelia for her introspective, positive and forward approach to coaching us on moving abroad.” ~James, USA

Online Income eCourse

You’ll get immediate access to the Online Income eCourse to help you earn extra money online, or work remotely full-time so you can finally escape the hamster wheel.

Earning online income allows you to live a freedom lifestyle! You won’t need to commute to a cube, deal with office politics or work a job you hate. You can do what you want, when you want, from wherever you want to do it!

For the past 25 years, we’ve had remote working jobs with employers, earned online income with gigs, and now we have multiple streams of income from our YouTube channel and blog business.

All combined, we earn more than 6-figures per year working a few hours per day doing what we love!

In this eCourse, you’ll learn our secrets so you can start working online and earning online income quickly so you can fund a life of time and location freedom!

The Live Abroad Support Package

You’ll also get access to the Live Abroad Support Package, which includes the Live Abroad Community, the Monthly Member-Only Live Q&A Support Sessions, and the Priority Support Email.

Live Abroad Community

You’ll also get access to our private, supportive, member-only Live Abroad Community where you can chat with Amelia and JP, as well as other program members.

You can ask questions, offer advice, and get encouragement on those days when you’re questioning everything (without the trolls and haters to make you feel bad about yourself).

Live Abroad Community Benefits:

  • Member-only – everyone in the group is committed to living abroad. Spammers and trolls can’t get in.
  • No Subscription – once you join the program, you’ll have lifetime access. There are NO monthly recurring fees.
  • Supportive – everyone is there to support each other through the process of moving and living abroad.

Once you become a member, you’ll have lifetime access to this group at no additional cost so you can continue to participate and help others who are following in your footsteps.

Add a Spouse or Significant Other

Are you a couple moving abroad together? You can add your spouse or significant other to the community at no additional cost.

That means they’ll have their own community login and profile so they can participate as themselves.

Monthly Live Q&A Support Sessions + Replay Archive

Each month, we’ll host a 60 to 90 minute Live Member-Only Q&A Support Session. Plus, you’ll have access to the entire archive of past events right after you sign up. That’s hours of information you haven’t seen yet!

This monthly live event is only for members (not our YouTube subscribers) so we’ll have more time to give you individualized attention (without the ads, trolls and Super Chats).

You’ll be able to ask us anything about expat life, slow travel, moving abroad, living abroad, the Master Class, or Amelia’s Quality of Life Series and we’ll respond right then in real time.

Plus, if you can’t make the live event, it’ll be recorded so you can watch it later when you have time.

Priority Email Support

You’ll gain access to an Exclusive Email Address that’s only for program members. You can email us at that address any time you want and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

We get hundreds of comments, direct messages, and emails each week so it’s not always possible for us to respond to everyone in a timely manner.

This exclusive email will put your message at the top of our queue and allow you to get one-on-one support and encouragement from us when you need it most.

One-Time Purchase. Lifetime Access.

Once you join the program, you’re a member for life. That means you’ll have lifetime access to all of the program materials, including the Live Abroad Master Class, the Live Abroad Support Package, Amelia’s Quality of Life Series, ALL Live Q&A Support Sessions & Replays, the Live Abroad Community, and all other program resources.

You’ll even have access to the upgrades and enhancements we make, including new videos and lessons that we add over time as we visit more countries and the world of living abroad continues to evolve.

“Me, my wife, and daughter are spending about a month here in Ecuador. I want to let you know how grateful we are for all the content you put out. Sometimes I feel people who create content mostly hear from people that are critics or complainers, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you both. Thank you!” ~Kevin & Ksenia

Get the Live Abroad Program Bundle

Fast Track Your Move Abroad!

The Live Abroad Program Bundle includes ALL of the following tools and resources (priced separately) for one low 50% off package price:

  • Live Abroad Master Class – $147: Over 50 Videos + even more written content.
  • Live Abroad Support Package – $147:
    • Access to our Private, Easy-to-Use, Supportive, Member-Only Community
    • Monthly Member-Only Live Q&A Support Session & Replay Archive
    • Access to an exclusive Priority Support Email Address that puts your messages at the top of our queue
    • Add your spouse or significant other to the community (they get their own login)
  • Online Income eCourse – $97: The course contains 30 videos and 40+ articles to help you earn money from anywhere.
  • Amelia’s 10X Your Quality of Life Video Series – $77: It’s ALL Amelia and sharing the secrets to her joy of life!
  • The Live Abroad Toolkit – $27:
    • Download the Live Abroad Checklist to keep track of your progress
    • Download the Live Abroad Plan and get prepared for what’s to come
    • Download the Residency Visa Matrix to easily find countries with visas that match your circumstances
    • Download the Residency Visas Report by Country to get a better handle on the visa requirements for each country
    • Download the Expat Country Selector to help you decide where to live based on what’s important to you
    • Download the Cost of Moving Abroad Calculator
    • Download the Cost of Living Abroad Calculator
  • You’ll get lifetime access to EVERYTHING: The Live Abroad Master Class, The Live Abroad Community, Amelia’s 10X Your QoL Series, ALL Live Q&A Replay Archives (past, present & future), and all other program resources (with NO recurring subscription)
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not completely happy with the program, we’ll give all your money back. No questions asked!

Priced separately, everything in the Live Abroad Program Bundle would cost you $495.

Other programs like this cost double, triple or even more and they aren’t nearly as comprehensive.

But we wanted our program to be accessible to anyone who is seriously considering a move abroad, which is why we’re offering it for a 50% discount off the total item price of $495.

That means you GET EVERYTHING for HALF PRICE! Just one payment of $247 gets you lifetime access with NO recurring subscription fees!

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100% 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program designed for?

    Do You Want To Be a Slow Traveller or Expat? Let’s start with some definitions…

    An Expat (aka Expatriate) is someone who leaves their home country and moves to another country, typically with the intention of becoming a legal resident by attaining a temporary or permanent residency visa. That’s what we did when we moved to Ecuador in 2017 and obtained our temporary residency (we obtained our permanent residency in 2020).

    A Slow Traveller (aka Slowmad, Nomad or Full-Time Traveller) is someone who spends a few days to several months in each location before moving on to another. Often, the Slow Traveller has a home base in two or more countries and spends some time in each home every year. They typically rely on tourist visas and don’t have temporary or permanent residencies in each country, although they might have additional residencies or even citizenships.

    Who is this program for? Both.

    Living abroad is living abroad. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay in one place for a few days or a few years because there is a lot of overlap in the tasks you’ll need to complete regardless of your plan.

    Plus, you might start this journey with the intention of becoming a legal resident in one country, but then decide the Slow Traveller approach is more appealing to you.

    That’s exactly what we’ve decided. After living in Ecuador for 6 years and attaining our permanent residency, we’re going to be Slow Travellers for a while and stay in each place for 2 weeks to 3 months.

    During all of this travel, Ecuador will continue to be our home base and we’ll spend some time there each year.

  • Can I join the program if I’m planning to move abroad more than a year out?

    Yes. Everyone is on a different schedule and timeline. The program is designed to help you focus on your goals and lay the groundwork for your move. That could be next month, next year or in five years.

    By joining a community of like-minded people, and seeing how easy and fulfilling it can be to live abroad, you might be inspired to compress your timeline and move sooner.

    The program benefits start when you’re ready; you can join anytime and you’ll have lifetime access to all program resources and updates.

  • Is this program only for people moving to Ecuador?

    No. This program is about living abroad in ANY country. That includes, but is not limited to Ecuador.

    The program resources cover all the common factors that apply to every country and some country-specific factors for the most popular expat destinations.

  • Is this program similar to the Ecuador Relocation eCourse?

    No. The Live Abroad Program is a comprehensive, action-oriented program that allows us to take a more active and supportive role in your move abroad.

    The Live Abroad Master Class (included with this program) is similar to the Ecuador Relocation eCourse, but it can help you move to any country (not just Ecuador).

    If you’re planning a move to Ecuador, the Ecuador Relocation eCourse is a better option than the Live Abroad Master Class because it is specifically about Ecuador and also contains our rolodex of service providers in Ecuador.

    You can still join the Live Abroad Program, but you may want to add the discounted Ecuador Relocation eCourse to your order during checkout.

  • Does this program include relocation services?

    No, we cannot help with your physical move, travel plans, shipping a container, finding a house, paying taxes, getting a residency visa, etc. However, we will provide support, advice, help with finding resources, and even offer recommendations for professional service providers when we can.

  • What if I’m not from the U.S. or Canada?

    The main requirement to join this program is the ability to speak and read English because all of the content, interactions and community will be in English. Other than that, everyone is welcome.

    The legal requirements to move from one country to another may vary, but the main process and logistics are virtually the same. Plus, this program is largely about guidance, feedback, support and accountability, and everyone can benefit from that.

    However, most of the specific details are about leaving the U.S. or Canada so you may not find it as valuable if you’re looking to leave a different country.

  • Will you keep the content updated?

    Yes. This is a living program. We’ll continually add to and update the content as things change. And you’ll always have access to the latest versions of everything.

  • Can I talk to you on the phone or Zoom or meet in person?

    Due to our uncertain travel schedule and limited time, we don’t currently offer private consultations.

    We’re happy to answer your questions during the Live Q&A Sessions or via direct message. And you can get answers in the private community from us and other members.

    We are planning to host some better planned, real-life meetups in the future and you’ll be able to talk to us in person at those.

  • Do you guarantee I’ll be living abroad by the end of the program?

    We can’t guarantee you’ll be living abroad by any specific date because there are too many variables in play and a lot of it depends on your commitment and personal circumstances.

    We’ll do our best to help you set and accomplish your goals, but it may take longer than you expect. And you’ll have lifetime access to everything so you can take as long as you need.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes. Our guarantee is simple. We offer a 100% 30-Day Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee.

    Within 30 days, if you feel we haven’t delivered on the promise of helping you move abroad, simply contact us and we’ll refund every cent to you.

    If you have any questions, concerns or reservations about joining this program, please drop us a note BEFORE YOU REGISTER through our Contact Form so we can provide additional information.

  • How does payment work?

    Payments can be made with a credit card or PayPal on the order page. You’ll be charged immediately after pressing the “Complete Order” button.

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