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We’re Amelia And JP

Expats, Slow Travellers & YouTubers

This is the master class we wish we had when we moved abroad in 2017. We felt our way around in the dark and learned every lesson the hard way. And some of those lessons cost us a lot of money!

This course will make your move abroad easier, faster and cheaper than ours was!

“Wow. Your materials are worth the price of admission. Great stuff, and thank you.” ~David, USA

Here’s What You’ll Get

You asked for a guide to make your move abroad less mysterious and confusing, so that was our goal when we set out to create this master class. Here is what you’ll get:

  • A Step-by-step Guide

    A step-by-step relocation guide to make your move abroad easier, faster, and cheaper.

  • Insider Knowledge

    Real, honest insider knowledge about living abroad from the expat perspective.

  • Country Selection

    Help deciding which country to choose based on what’s important to you.

  • Slow Travel Possibilities

    Living abroad doesn’t mean you need to stay in one place. Slow travel might be a better option for you.

  • Financial Benefits

    Discussion of the various financial benefits you’ll get that could cover your cost of living abroad.

Additional Bonus: The Live Abroad Toolkit

In addition to all the insider info we share in the videos and written content, you’ll also get these additional tools:

Live Abroad Plan

The Live Abroad Plan starts with your ideal Leave Date and works backward from there. You’ll assign dates to each of the major milestones so you’ll know what to work on and when.

Visa Options Matrix

We’ve created a Visa Options Matrix to help you decide where to live based on what types of visas are available in each country. We’ll keep this updated as things change.

Visa Options Report

This report contains all the visa options and requirements arranged by country so you can easily find the info and determine if you qualify. We’ll keep this updated, too.

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Course Curriculum

We designed the course to be consumed in small chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It covers every step in the process, from your decision to move abroad, to living in your new home away from home.

Welcome Aboard!

2 Videos / 1 Article / 1 Survey

Gives a preview of the course content, provides a tutorial for using the course software, contains links for getting help and support, and lets you tell us what you’re expecting to get out of the course.

Module 2:
First Steps

9 Videos + Text

Covers costs of moving and living abroad, language learning shortcuts, passport prep, minimizing banking fees, mobile phone readiness, and how to get help from other expats.

Module 3:
Visas & Slow Travel

6 Videos + Text

Covers general visa requirements, the most common types of residency visas, the typical application process, and the slow travel alternative to residency visas.

Module 4:
Best Expat Countries

Multiple Videos + Text

Discusses the pros & cons of the most popular expat countries, compares them to each other, and includes our top 3 choices for first-time expats.

Module 5:
Exploratory Trip

8 Videos + Text

Covers the best ways to travel abroad, airports, ground transportation, safety, lodging, what to pack, and how to maximize your time.

Module 6:
Preparing to Move

8 Videos + Text

Discusses all the steps you need to take as you prepare to move abroad, including visa prep, finances & taxes, how to handle your mail, selling vs. shipping, what to bring and preparing your family and friends for your departure.

Module 7:
Before You Leave Home

7 Videos + Text

Covers all the steps you need to take before you leave home and move abroad, including the documents you need to bring, getting packed for the trip, considerations if you’re bringing children or pets, and making your final travel plans.

Module 8:
Getting Settled

11 Videos + Text

Covers everything you’ll need to do as you get settled in your new home away from home, including money & banking, long-term housing, government IDs, mobile phones, healthcare & health insurance, saving money, social life, dating, avoiding scams, and preparing for culture shock.

Module 9:
Next Steps...

1 Video + Text / 1 Survey

Course wrap up with some final thoughts and words of encouragement. Also contains a list of additional resources and an exit survey so you can tell us what you thought of the course.

“I started making my way through the Master Class and I want to commend you on another job well done. There is a significant amount of valuable information, which can result in saving both money and unexpected aggravation. ” ~Guy, USA

Similar Programs Cost a LOT More!

That’s how much popular expat tour services cost. They give you a great overview of the most popular places to live, but they don’t tell you how to MOVE abroad. These tours are great if you can afford them and have 2 weeks or more to spend touring a country on a bus.

That’s how much you’ll pay PER TICKET to attend those popular “live abroad” events. They are a great way to meet other people in real life, and make connections to help you move abroad. However, you can only attend one speaker event at a time, which means you’re bound to miss some important topics. Plus, you’ll spend the entire week being upsold to spend even more money on products and services you don’t really need.

That’s how much similar, highly specialized how-to and motivational eCourses like this one cost. We’ve seen some specialty master classes like ours priced as high as $1,500! And we’ve seen other expat eCourses that are equivalent to just ONE of our NINE modules priced around $100!

Most people can’t afford (or at least don’t want to spend) thousands of dollars just to research and plan their move abroad. So we wanted our master class to be affordable for anyone who is seriously considering a move abroad.

And some of our money-saving tips will likely save you FAR more than the cost of the course!

“Each section was short, informative, and provided useful information. I appreciated the first-person perspective.” ~Rudy, USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take me to finish the course?

    The course has roughly several hours of video content, plus a BUNCH of written content and links to even more information in our public videos and articles. It will probably take you 5 to 10 hours at a minimum if you read everything. Much longer if you look at all the reference information.

  • Will you keep the content updated?

    Yes. We’ll update the written content frequently, and record new videos when something substantial changes. We’ll probably even add new lessons to the modules over time based on your feedback.

  • What do I actually get when I buy the course?

    You’ll get lifetime access to the full course and all course improvements. As things change, we’ll keep the course updated.

    The course is hosted on Thinkific so if you’ve used that platform before, or a similar e-learning service, you’ll know what to expect. Basically, it’s a video tutorial broken down by module and lesson into small chunks that will walk you through every step of the process of moving abroad.

    Each lesson also has a discussion forum so you can ask topic-specific questions and get answers from us and other users.

  • Can I talk to you on the phone or Zoom?

    We do not currently offer individual consultations. If you join the Live Abroad Program, you’ll get an exclusive priority support email address that will send your message to the top of our queue. Plus, you’ll get access to our member-only community where you can get help from us and other people who may be farther down the path than you.

  • Are there tests or homework?

    No. Your only homework is to take the course, download the checklist and start checking things off!

  • Can I get a refund if I hate it?

    Yes. Of course, we offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hopefully, we can address any complaints by providing answers and additional resources, but if you absolutely hate the master class and think it’s useless, we will certainly refund your money.

  • How does payment work?

    Payments can be made with a credit card or PayPal on the order page. You’ll be charged immediately after pressing the “Complete Order” button.

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