10 Countries with Great Weather: From Mountains to Beaches, There’s a Perfect Place for Everyone!

They say records are meant to be broken, but I don’t think “they” were talking about temperatures.

The United States is experiencing the worst heatwave on record, as is much of Europe and Asia. Records are being broken daily in many countries around the world, but there are a few places where it’s still nice and cool, even when they break records.

In this video, you’ll learn about 10 countries that have great weather and cooler overall temps throughout the year than the US and southern Europe. Several have 4 seasons, but others have mostly the same cool temperatures year-round.

You can get a 90-day tourist visa to wait out the hot summer in all 10, and you can apply for residency in several so you can stay longer if you wish.

You don’t have to suffer through the heat. You can escape to better places!

Perfect Places if You Love Four Seasons

If you still prefer 4 seasons and don’t mind cold winters, these first 5 countries are for you.

#10 Chile

Santiago Chile

Chile, a long and narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge, is a destination with an incredible variety of landscapes and climates.

With over six thousand kilometers of Pacific Ocean shoreline, Chile has everything from the driest desert in the north to the icy expanses of Patagonia in the south, including the Chilean Antarctic.

Visitors to Chile can explore the mountainous Andes, enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Santiago, or embark on outdoor adventures such as hiking, skiing, and relaxing on beautiful beaches.

Santiago, the country’s modern capital, remains cool during the North American summer, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s (around 10-15 C).

Chile’s diverse geography is matched by its reputation as one of South America’s safest countries, making it highly popular with tourists.

One unique experience to be had is visiting Isla Magdalena, where you can see penguins, or trekking through the iconic Torres Del Paine National Park for breathtaking views.

Beyond the natural beauty, the cost of living in Chile is relatively low, and the water quality is excellent for drinking. These factors combine to make Chile not just a place for short-term exploration but a viable option for those considering a longer stay.

From its vibrant cities to its diverse ecosystems, Chile offers an unforgettable experience that draws travelers from all over the world. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the Andes or relaxation on the Pacific beaches, Chile provides endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

#9 Uruguay

Montevideo Uruguay

Uruguay, a South American country known for its vibrant culture and high-quality lifestyle, enjoys four distinct seasons, though they are not as extreme as in some other countries. Winters in Uruguay are mild and don’t get cold enough for snow.

During the North American summers, temperatures in Montevideo, the capital city, are refreshingly cool, ranging in the 50s and 60s (around 10-15 C). This makes it a perfect destination for those looking to escape the heat.

Uruguay is well-regarded for its tranquility, affordable healthcare, and “live and let live” mentality. It has even taken progressive steps in recent years, such as legalizing marijuana. This creates a unique atmosphere that many foreign residents and tourists find appealing.

The country’s art, culture, and history are diverse and fascinating. From exploring the eclectic streets of Montevideo to relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Punta del Este, Uruguay offers a rich experience for all visitors.

The relatively low cost of living, combined with a high quality of life, makes Uruguay a popular destination, whether for a summer getaway or a more extended stay.

#8 Ireland

Kinsale Ireland

Ireland, affectionately known as the Emerald Isle due to its lush greenery, enjoys a climate of four milder seasons.

The hottest month in Dublin is July, with temperatures in the 60s (around 15-20 C), while in the south, Cork experiences slightly warmer temperatures in the 70s (around 21-26 C).

Though it does snow in winter, the snowfall in Ireland is seldom heavy. The country’s weather is often gray and rainy, which lends to the lush landscapes that have made Ireland famous.

Beyond its weather, Ireland is a land filled with rich folklore, culture, modern cities, and incredible scenery.

Whether you’re seeking to kiss the Blarney Stone, a legendary act that bestows the kisser with eloquence and skill at flattery, or enjoy the thriving arts scene in cities like Galway, Ireland offers a blend of myth and modernity.

Though the cost of living can be on the higher side, the quality of life and the warmth of the Irish people make Ireland a highly popular destination with expats.

From the rugged cliffs of Moher to the bustling streets of Dublin, Ireland’s charm lies in its vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes that offer a unique and enchanting experience for all who visit.

#7 Germany

Rostock GermanyGermany, a country renowned for its cultural heritage and natural beauty, experiences four distinct seasons, with winters that can be particularly cold.

Summer, on the other hand, provides a cool and pleasant escape. Visitors can take advantage of the average temperatures in the 70s F (around 21-26 C) in Berlin, making it an ideal time to explore the bustling capital.

Germany’s reputation for safety and structure extends to its excellent healthcare system, making it a comfortable destination for travelers.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities year-round, from hiking in the Black Forest to skiing in the Bavarian Alps.

Known for its rich culinary traditions, including a variety of foods, beers, and wines, Germany offers something for every palate.

The country is also famous for its contributions to classical music, literature, and art, with iconic figures like Beethoven and the Brothers Grimm hailing from this country.

Whether you’re taking a scenic drive along the Romantic Road, exploring historic castles, or enjoying Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany’s blend of modernity and tradition makes it a captivating destination.

The blend of cultural festivals, natural landscapes, and historical sites offers a rich and varied experience that appeals to a wide range of travelers.

#6 Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, a landlocked country in Central Europe, offers a blend of modernity and history that is appealing to both tourists and expats.

With all four seasons, the Czech Republic can have harsh winters with temperatures dipping below zero (-15 C), while summers in Prague are moderate with temperatures in the 70s (around 21-26 C).

What makes the Czech Republic stand out is its excellent public transport system, allowing easy and cheap travel within the country. This accessibility opens the door to explore beautiful parks, mountains, the rich history of cities like Prague, and the many other hidden gems scattered throughout the country.

Attractions such as Podyji National Park, with its ice caves, vineyards, incredible views, and medieval ruins, are a must-see.

Prague Castle is another significant landmark. It’s almost a thousand years old and one of the largest in terms of area.

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is also attractive, averaging around $2,000 per month per person. This affordability, coupled with the country’s rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and vibrant art scene, makes the Czech Republic a compelling destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in Central European charm.

Whether you’re exploring the ancient streets of Prague or hiking in the scenic countryside, the Czech Republic offers a diverse and enriching experience.

Countries for Mountain and Beach Lovers

If you want both the mountains and the beach, consider these 2 countries (although, the mountains will be cooler).

#5 Mexico

San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Mexico, often thought of as a destination to escape the cold winters of North America, has much more to offer than just its beautiful beaches.

Along with its tropical coastline, Mexico is home to a variety of mountain towns, where temperatures often linger in the pleasant 70s and 80s (around 21-27 C).

Cities like Lake Chapala and Ajijic, elevated at 5000 feet (1500 meters), and the colonial cities of Guanajuato (6600 feet / 2000 meters) and San Miguel de Allende (6200 feet / 1900 meters), offer cooler climates. Their locations, close to major urban areas like Guadalajara and Mexico City, provide convenient access to more bustling locales.

Mexico is not just about its climate. It’s a country rich in history and culture, with large and welcoming expat communities. The affordability of living in Mexico adds to its allure, with many tourists finding themselves tempted to extend their stays.

Whether you’re exploring ancient Mayan ruins, enjoying vibrant street festivals, or relaxing in a mountain town with a local cup of coffee, Mexico offers a multifaceted experience. From the coastal beauty of Cancún to the artistic charm of Mexico City, every visitor can find something to love in this diverse and enchanting country.

#4 Panama

Boquete Panama

Panama, a country known for its tropical allure, offers a climate that is divided into two primary seasons: wet and dry.

While the coastal areas can get hot, the mountain towns provide a moderate refuge during the summer with temperatures often in the 70s (around 21-26 C).

One such town, Boquete, is very popular with both tourists and expats. While rainier during the summer months, it doesn’t rain all the time, and the rainiest months are typically September and October.

Panama’s appeal goes beyond its weather. With a variety of visa options and an overall affordable cost of living, it’s a welcoming destination for both short-term visitors and those looking to settle down.

Whether you’re drawn to Panama’s stunning beaches, lush rainforests, or vibrant urban areas, you’ll find plenty to explore.

From the cosmopolitan Panama City with its iconic canal to the serene islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama offers a rich blend of cultures and environments.

Its unique combination of natural beauty, modern infrastructure, and friendly locals make it a standout destination for those seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Countries with Spring Temperatures All Year

Want to enjoy spring temperatures year-round? Spend your hot summer months in the Andes mountains of these 3 countries.

#3 Colombia

Medellin Colombia

Colombia, the second-most biodiverse country in the world, offers a range of climates and landscapes that has something for everyone.

Whether you prefer large, modern cities or small, intimate towns, Colombia’s mountains and beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are sure to captivate.

The weather in Colombia is varied, with great weather in cities like Bogota & Medellin, where summer temperatures range in the 60s to low 80s (around 15-27 C).

Though it can get rainy in the mountains and humid on the coast, the overall climate is appealing and affords many opportunities for exploration.

Colombia is also known for its affordability. The pensioner visa, for example, has a low monthly income requirement, making residency an option for many.

Whether you’re wandering through the historic streets of Cartagena, dancing to the rhythms of salsa in Cali, or exploring the lush coffee plantations in the Coffee Triangle, Colombia’s rich culture and diverse landscapes offer a vibrant and colorful experience.

Colombia’s transformation over the past few decades has turned it into a sought-after tourist destination. With friendly locals, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty, from the Amazon Rainforest to the Andean peaks, Colombia is a country that invites visitors to discover its many hidden treasures.

#2 Ecuador

Cuenca EcuadorEcuador, a country known for its diverse ecosystems and two distinct seasons – wet and dry, offers an “eternal spring” in the mountain regions of Cuenca, Cotacacchi, Loja, Vilcabamba, Baños, and Quito. While it can be rainy in spring and summer, there’s often more sunshine, brightening up the lush landscapes.

In the capital city of Quito, the high elevation can cause the weather to feel surprisingly cold during the winter. What’s attractive about Ecuador’s climate, especially in the mountainous regions, is the lack of need for air conditioning or heating, thanks to the consistent and moderate temperatures.

Ecuador’s weather isn’t its only appeal. The country also has a variety of visas that make it easy to get residency. With breathtaking mountain vistas and rich cultural heritage, Ecuador has something to offer every traveler, from adventure seekers to those looking for a serene and affordable retirement destination.

Whether exploring the Amazon rainforest or walking through the historic streets of Cuenca, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of experiences to enjoy.

#1 Peru

Cusco PeruPeru offers a climate similar to Ecuador but with its own unique charm and attractions.

Lima, the coastal capital, provides a comfortable escape during the North American summer months, with temperatures resting in the 80s F (25 to 30 C). Nights in Lima are cool during the summer, offering a respite from the day’s warmth. However, visitors should be aware that it can also be foggy during this time, corresponding with Peru’s winter months.

In the more elevated regions of the country, such as Cuzco and the world-renowned Machu Picchu, the weather is dry from June to September, and temperatures hover around the 70s F (22 C). Due to the high elevation, the sun can feel intense, making it feel much warmer than the temperature would suggest. While this period marks the dry season in Peru, unexpected heavy rain is not uncommon, so travelers should be prepared.

One of the greatest attractions to Peru, aside from its rich cultural history and stunning landscapes, is its affordability. As the most budget-friendly option among the listed countries, Peru is an enticing destination for those looking to escape the heat without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re exploring ancient Incan ruins or enjoying the vibrant city life in Lima, Peru offers a wide range of experiences for every traveler.

Final Thoughts…

There is no need to suffer through a hot summer or cold winter when so many countries offer incredible weather and lifestyle options.

From Chile’s diverse climates to Peru’s affordable living, there’s sure to be a place that fits your preferences.

Pack your bags with cool weather clothes and explore these amazing destinations!

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